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Does litter bug you?

By Staff | Jul 9, 2015

Tired of seeing discarded trash that clutters public spaces on Maui? Do something about it through “Litter Bugs Me,” Malama Maui Nui’s next cleanup campaign from July 11-25.

The name “Litter Bugs Me” is meant to provoke Mauians into not tolerating trash. It’s a call to the community to help remove litter from highways, roadways, parks and our incredible shorelines.

According to Malama Maui Nui, engaging the community to eradicate litter not only gets rid of the trash. It also helps set a new social standard for everyone to help preserve the beauty of Maui Nui’s public spaces.

“Beyond removing litter, these cleanups also provide an opportunity for education and self-awareness,” said MMN Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Lauren Kennedy.

“As volunteers see the amount and types of litter they pick up, they inevitably draw parallels between what they find and the ordinary items we use every day.”

She added that “the hope is that as we get more and more folks involved in litter removal, the awareness of finding ways to prevent litter also spreads. The direct community involvement is key to setting the standard that environmental stewardship is everyone’s kuleana, and we try to make it easy for folks to get involved.”

Rubbish not only looks bad on the road, but it can also be dangerous to drivers. Malama Maui Nui emphasized that litter can also make its way to the ocean and become marine debris, or turn what would otherwise be an enjoyable place into an unsightly and unwelcoming location.

On the other hand, litter-free roadways and public spaces allow for the environment’s natural beauty to shine. Plants thrive in their healthy habitats, and residents and visitors can experience first-hand the richness of Maui County’s natural resources.

“Litter Bugs Me” will include a beach cleanup in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation-Maui Chapter at Kanaha Beach Park on Saturday, July 18, from 9 a.m. to noon, but keep in mind that Malama Maui Nui has cleanup supplies available to support community-coordinated cleanups across Maui.

Call 877-2524 or visit www.MalamaMauiNui.org for more information. If you look around and litter bugs you, it’s time to act.