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U.H. wants to help Native Hawaiians go to college

By Staff | Dec 4, 2014

The University of Hawaii is reaching out to Native Hawaiians who are interested in going to college and applying for millions of dollars in college scholarships.

The effort is part of a statewide initiative to bring Native Hawaiian scholarship opportunities to underserved communities across the state and the university’s mission to create opportunities and transform the lives of students, their families and communities through higher education.

“We’ve committed to increase the participation and success of Native Hawaiian students across the entire University of Hawaii system. One of the keys to access and success is affordability. So we’re very grateful to our many partners for the availability of these scholarships and for helping us spread the good work throughout the state,” said UH President David Lassner.

Native Hawaiians interested in attending college, learning about scholarship opportunities and how to apply for financial aid should attend workshops in the UH Maui College Student Lounge on Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. or the Hana High School Cafeteria on Jan. 29 at 6 p.m.

According to UH, this program has helped countless Native Hawaiian students apply for financial aid and begin a journey that changed their lives.

“Coming out of high school, I was unaware of how I would pay for college, because at the time, my parents were unable to put me through college. So, I took it upon myself to find other means necessary in order for me to prolong my education to provide a better future for me as well as my family. I’m grateful and fortunate to not have paid anything since my freshman year in college,” said Justin Pagan, an undergraduate student at UH Manoa.

The free financial aid presentations and workshops are open to high school and college students, parents, teachers, counselors or anyone interested in learning about the wide range of resources and financial aid available to Native Hawaiian students. For more information, go to hawaii.edu/aha.

Take advantage of this opportunity to go to college and set a path for a better future.

“If people don’t come to college, I feel it’s because they don’t have the money or the means to do it. The scholarship AHA makes sure they do the best of their ability to make sure that students like us can attend college,” Pagan said.

“Don’t let the fear of money be the reason why we don’t go to college, because in fact there is opportunity for everyone.”