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Keep West Maui’s elected officials on the job

By Staff | Oct 30, 2014

The West Side is well-represented by Sen. Roz Baker and Rep. Angus McKelvey. We hope voters on Nov. 4 will keep them on the job for another term.

McKelvey and Baker have done an excellent job securing funding for West Maui roadways, schools and harbors.

They are key members of a Maui legislative team that in the 2014 session landed over $500 million in funding for more than 80 capital improvement projects in Maui County. These projects will improve communities and give residents work.

West Maui residents can credit McKelvey and Baker for their efforts in facilitating improvements at Mala Wharf and Lahaina Harbor, the new cafeteria at Lahainaluna High School, the long-awaited Lahaina Bypass and many other important projects.

McKelvey and Baker benefit from many years of experience at the legislature. He was a legislative aide before running in 2006, and Baker has represented the people of Maui County in the Hawaii Legislature for almost 20 years.

They know how to pass legislation, find money for projects, and – perhaps most important – rally support for West Maui initiatives. Legislators have to be talented to get bills heard, shepherd them through the process and monitor them carefully to ensure the money isn’t cut or the intent of the measure isn’t muddied.

Their successful efforts to preserve Lipoa Point at Honolua Bay in perpetuity will go down in history.

McKelvey and Baker are active in the community, knowledgeable about their districts and very effective lawmakers. West Maui needs them in Honolulu.