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Don’t fall prey to scholarship scams

By Staff | Mar 7, 2013

With the price of a college education averaging $22,261 to $43,289 per year today, it’s smart for students and their parents to go after any and all scholarships.

But be careful! Scholarship America noted that “every year, scores of students fall victim to those looking to make a quick buck off of your dream of going to college.”

Lahainaluna High School students should turn to Kristy Arakawa for help in applying for academic and athletic scholarships.

“She is truly an amazing resource for our students, and many parents are unaware of the services she provides,” said a Lahainaluna teacher last week.

“This has led to some of our families – usually those who can least afford it – paying hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars, for services that she provides free of charge.”

Scammers may charge $1,000 to “search,” then send a refund of $500 when no scholarships are secured. Or, they might just vanish with your money.

According to the teacher, virtually all paid scholarship search services are scams. To see for yourself, run a search on “college scholarship scams” and see what comes up.

“If families feel that they need the added clout of an athletic recruiting service, Kristy can provide contact information for a legitimate professional business,” she added.

For help on attending college and applying for scholarships, contact Arakawa via e-mail at Kristy_Arakawa@notes.k12.hi.us or call 662-3979, extension 247.

Don’t waste money for services that Arakawa can handle very capably, and honestly, for free.