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Community loses Bob Pfeiffer

By Staff | Jan 31, 2013


It is said that you can learn the character of someone when you work for them. In the 30 years that I have been the gardener for the Pfeiffer family in Kaanapali, I have been privileged to work for a true gentleman in Mr. Robert Pfeiffer.

Bob passed away peacefully at the family home on Jan. 7 at the age of 95. To the very end, he remained a kind and friendly man who defined the upright character of his generation.

He was a W.W.II United States Navy veteran who believed in honest work to make an honest living and treated those who were employed by him with respect and dignity. Without fail, he would greet me with a smile (as his two dogs would be licking any leftover breakfast off of my face) and an inquiry into how my family was doing – particularly my son George, who was befriended by Bob and is currently serving in the Coast Guard.

Whenever the Pfeiffers needed work done, Bob would ask me in a way that was more like requesting a favor rather than giving an order. He was a man that wanted things done the right way – whether by his own crafty hands or, in the later years, by someone else – and was blessed with the good nature to ask for the work to be done in a kindly fashion.

From an outside perspective, I could clearly see this love manifested to a much higher degree in the relationship between Bob and his wife, Lesley. They were constantly together, caring for one another as the physical years took their toll, while their spiritual being grew stronger and brighter.

It has been a beautiful twilight and sunset to see – one that will repeat itself over and over in our hearts.

Our sincere condolences go out to Lesley; children Constance Adams, Chestnut (Richard) Booth, Cynthia Nunn (Ed) Townsend, Christopher (Sandy) Nunn, Michael Nunn, Robin (Frank) Cote, Scott (Mary) Nunn; and grandchildren Nicholas Townsend, Casey and Eric Nunn, Mathew and Stephanie Nunn, and Danyell and Reggie Cote.

Peace be with you, Bob. We are ever grateful for the grace of life that you have blessed us with. Future generations will be buoyed by the example of your character – one that will surely help light up a sometimes dark future. God bless.