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“We need to be fearless”

By Staff | Aug 30, 2012

The battle cry to preserve Honolua and Lipoa Point is resounding.

It can be overheard in conversations at the super market, amongst surfers in coffee houses and conservationists on websites Petitions are being circulated, flyers distributed, Letters to the Editor published and political tactics plotted.

“We need to be fearless,” the Save Honolua Coalition president Tamara Paltin advised.

Add bold and inventive to the mix, step out of the box, then Honolua might survive.

This is no ordinary enemy. They’ve been waging and winning this battle for over 100 years.

Taking it out of preservation late last month in the council chambers was a brilliantly strategized sneak attack.

It’s happened before during the hearings on the 1993 West Maui Community Plan.

We were blindsided, the Lahaina Citizen Advisory Committee, that is.

Other communities across the world and on this island have faced this enemy before and won.

Best be prepared.