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County could use your insight

By Staff | Dec 24, 2009

Residents with a keen interest in county government should try joining it for a term.

Mayor Charmaine Tavares last week announced that the deadline to apply to serve on a county board, council, commission or committee is next week Thursday, Dec. 31. There are 73 open seats.

“Each one of our boards, committees and commissions demonstrate how government and citizens work together to the benefit of our community,” said Tavares.

“Every year, more than 250 citizens participate, each bringing their unique perspective, talents and life experiences. Their efforts and commitment to serving our community in this way are commendable and appreciated.”

Duties include hearing public testimony, reviewing policies and standards and making recommendations.

Positions are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the County Council. Terms last two to five years.

Due to the wide range of panels, there must be one that meets your interests and expertise.

Seats are opening on the Maui Planning Commission (two seats), Animal Control Board (five), Board of Ethics (two), Civil Service Commission (one), Commission on Children and Youth (three), Commission on Culture and the Arts (three), Committee on the Status of Women (three), Cost of Government Commission (five), Council on Aging (two), Fire and Safety Commission (two), and Police Commission (two), among other panels.

Applications are available online at www.mauicounty.gov (click on the Boards and Commissions box on the lower right) and on the West Side at Lahaina Public Library and the Parks and Recreation Permit Office at Lahaina Civic Center. For more information, call 270-7855.

Don’t complain — get involved. Help improve county government by serving on a board.