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Need to add photos to e-mails?

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Oct 8, 2021

Wanna have some fun? How about dragging a photo to your e-mail on your iPhone?

Make sure you upgraded to iOS 15.1 on your iPhone. Now this trick is going to use two fingers to drag a photo over to your e-mail. First open up your e-mail and type in someone’s name. Now swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go back to the home screen, then open photos. Press on a photo and don’t let go. With your other finger, swipe up from the bottom to go to the desktop screen and click on the Mail icon. With your other finger holding down on the photo, drag your photo over to the mail page and let go. Your photo should be displaying in your e-mail. It’s a little tricky at first, but after 2-3 tries you’ll get it. Not only can you paste a photo, but you can also copy and paste a document, too.

Well, after resting your fingers, you’re probably saying “big deal.” I agree — what a hassle when all you have to do is open up photos, click on one, choose “Copy Photo,” then open up an e-mail, press anywhere and choose Paste.

Better yet, while in your e-mail app, choose the far left icon that has a double window and it automatically opens up Photos, then just click on one and it automatically puts that in the e-mail window for you.

Another new feature is Share Play that you use when making a FaceTime call. You can share your screen with anyone. Let’s say you’re watching a horror movie and want to share it with your mother-in-law. Call her up on FaceTime and ask her to join. Might be the last time you two talk!

You can ask Spotlight to download an app from the App Store without clicking on the icon and opening up the store.

Open up Search by swiping to the right on your iPhone screen, and in the search box type in an app that you want on your iPhone. Once it opens up, click on it.

Here is a good one. Try taking a video with the iPhone, and when it starts, press the white button to zoom in.

Also using the camera, you can zoom in on a QR code that most restaurants have to view their menu. After zooming in, you’ll be directed to their website.

While in photos, you can select a bunch of photos, click on ADD then the share icon, and choose many options to send them to e-mails, messages and notes. Well, there is so much more to share, so get ready for some more good ones in the next article.

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