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Tricks and tips for photos

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Sep 10, 2021

If you don’t have a yardstick handy, you can use your iPhone to measure anything. Open up the Measure App, and when you see the white circle with a dot in it, place the white dot where you want to start measuring.

Hit the Plus button and continue raising your white dot to where you want it to stop at the top of your measurement and hit the Plus sign. That will give you an exact measurement of how high it was.

Have you ever wanted to zoom in on a specific area in an iPhone photo? Say you got a box from USPS and opened it up to see a brand new pair of Maui Alfred’s sunglasses that has a small crack on the lens, and you want to send them a picture of the crack.

First, take a photo of the sunglasses. Next, open up the photo of the sunglasses on your iPhone. Choose Edit, and at the top (on the right top) is a white circle with three black dots in it. Click on it and choose MARKUP. At the lower right is the + sign; click on it, then choose Magnifier. A circle appears with a green and blue dot. You can move the circle around the screen by pressing in the center of the circle, and to expand the circle, click the green or blue dots. Hover over the crack in the lens and expand it, then click done.

Now you can e-mail the photo, and hopefully, get a brand new pair of sunglasses.

How do you know if someone is using your camera to spy on you? When the camera is turned on with an iPhone or MacBook, a red or green light appears above it, signifying that it’s being used.

Make your iPhone light up for phone calls. To do this, go to Accessibly, Audio/Visual/LED/Flash for Alerts.

Let’s say you went to Kahana Markup for groceries and parked your car 25 feet away. Coming out, you forgot where you parked. Well, Bucko, if you had opened up Maps on your iPhone and clicked on Mark My Location, you would of found your car. DUDAH!

If your kid constantly steals your iPhone to play Grand Thief Auto, you can set it so that when he tries to open it, only one App will open up that you choose for him to see… like “The effects of Quantum Nuclear Isotopes.” It’s a good read.

To set this up, go to Settings, Accessibility, Guided Access. To activate it, just click the On and Off button three times on your iPhone. So the iPhone only uses that single app when pressing three times.

Here are some cool apps to download on your iPhone:

“Anonymous Camera” is an app that places bubbles over the faces of people in photos and videos. You can blot out a few faces from your family picnic when showing it to your new girlfriend.

The Symbols App shows all the numeric symbols you can think of and many more. It’s really cool.

Remini is a photo app that fixes old photos that faded and has scratches and lines in them.

Web Widget puts your favorite website you often visit on the Home Screen, which looks like the site when you first open it up.

Camera Call is an app that when you place your iPhone camera over a piece of paper or business card that has a phone number on it, it will automatically find the phone number and call it.

I like this one — you gotta get it!

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