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A preview of iOS 15 features

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Sep 3, 2021

iOS 15 coming out soon has a new addition in the Photos App called Memories. Actually, it existed before that, but it now has some cool enhancements.

Tapping a photo of a dog, Apple collects more photos of the same dog, creates a collection of them and will launch a slide show with music.

In iOS 15, you can identify the names of people in your photos. Swipe up on an image and you get a Places Map of where the image was shot, along with the ability to add a caption.

By tapping a circular icon, you’ll have the ability to tag that photo with the person’s name.

Apple’s iPhone has the software that uses artificial intelligence to recognize what’s in a photo and tells you what you’re looking at. It’s called Visual Look Up. Similar to Google Lens, if you tap on an image in your Photos Library and swipe up, an icon appears that lets you get more information on the photo.

So if you choose a strange-looking flower then tap on the icon, it will tell you the type of flower, including web links and even a gallery of similar flower images found on the web.

Live Text is another iOS 15 addition that’s also available in the Photos App. This feature can recognize and copy text in a photo and can paste it into other apps (like Messages or Notes) that can receive text.

Another great feature is that any photo you get inside your Messages App is now placed in the Photos App under the newly created album called “Shared With You.”

What’s nice is that you can respond to that person who sent the photo without having to jump back to the Messages App to reply. It’s all done just by tapping the arrow next to the sharer’s name.

Did you know that Spotlight Search allows you to jump straight to images in the Photos App, and you can search by typing in locations, names or even descriptions of images?

If you type in “Lahaina” in the search bar, it will pop up all the photos you took in Lahaina.

Opening your Camera, the Portrait Mode gives you the effect to blur your background, and now the FaceTime App has Portrait Mode.

The new FaceTime also lets you share videos and music through SharePlay, and scheduling calls and creating web links.

In the new Safari App, they have moved the tab bar down to the bottom of the screen. Let’s say you’re looking for a great deal on a fly swatter. Instead of opening up Safari and searching on the Home Depot website, then opening up Firefox and logging into the Lowe’s website, there is an easier way to do this.

Open up Safari and go to Home Depot’s website. Now click on File at the top left and choose the Private Browsing window. You have two different screens opened; in the newest one, you can log on to Lowes to see what fly swatter prices they are offering. You can now compare prices on both screens. I think Lowes is cheaper!

Right now, after reading this article, we are still waiting for iOS 15 to come out in September. So, don’t throw this article away — just keep it ready to use with the new additions I’ve mentioned here.

Try some out on your Mac and iPhone and see if you like them.

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