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iPad iOS 15 will offer cool new features

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Jul 16, 2021

The iPad iOS 15 coming out soon has some really cool features that I would love to share with you.

Like on the iPhone, you now have Widgets that you can place on the desktop.

Split View offers a new way to display two apps that are opened up at the same time. So if you have Photos and Safari opened, just click on a small icon on the top of Safari. This will “Split View” the screen.

If you open up a third app, you can tap and hold on it, and a new menu pops up allowing you to choose “Center View” — the app will adjust to the center while the other two apps are split in the background.

Another way that I like — and it’s much easier to do — is to just swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and all the existing apps that are opened will appear. You can then drag an app over and place it on top of another app, and it creates a split screen showing both apps on the same screen. Much more easy?

Coming to the iPad is the app Library, like the one on the iPhone. Just swipe over to the last screen, and it appears. But if you’re lazy and don’t want to swipe five times to get to the last screen where the Library is, there is an icon on the bottom that you can tap and it instantly takes you over to the app Library.

Another cool feature is Quick Note. While in Safari, if you want to copy an address or the price of something, all you have to do is select the text with your mouse — a menu pops up where you can select Quick Note. It’s then placed in the Notes App.

Okay, let’s get ready for the best one yet. It’s called Translate Mode. There you can type something in English and it’s converted to Spanish. But the best feature is Conversation Mode, where you can speak a word and it’s spoken back in Spanish. But get this: if you hold your iPad next to a Cuban with an iPad, you can have a conversation back and forth. Wow… don’t leave home without your iPad!

With the new Apple AirTags, you can ask Siri to find your car keys. Keys that have the AirTag attached to them will start making a loud beeping sound. If you lose them, the FindMy App will help you locate them. By setting it up to Lost Mode, if someone comes across them, all they have to do is to place their iPhone next to the AirTag, your phone number will appear and they can call you.

What makes the AirTags different from others (like Tracker) is that the battery lasts up to one year. If you need to replace the battery, just twist the top to the right and it pops off, allowing you to quickly insert the watch-type battery.

Here is something that you might want to try: using your camera to make a Slow Exposure video. Open up your iPhone Camera and choose SLO-MO. Using that, you could video waves and waterfalls that look misty and blurred out.

But wait… how about making a single photo into a long exposure? Well, you can. Let’s try it out. Open up your Camera; at the top is a circle with a slanted line through it. Click on it, and it turns yellow. That means your photo will have the live photo effect.

Okay, keep your camera open and take a picture of your sink’s faucet with the water running. After you snap the picture, open up the Photo App and choose the picture. Take your finger, and in the middle of the picture slide it up — the Effects Menu displays. Choose Long Exposure. Get ready for a mind blower!

The photo now shows the water running down the faucet looking blurry and misty. So that’s the effects of Long Exposure.

Now try shooting a photo of a wave or waterfalls. If you have tripod, it keeps the iPhone from movement. But you still have to press on the screen to take the shot. Well, I have a better solution. Just plug in your head phones and press the volume up button to take the shot. Now it’s much steadier.

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