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Need to record video and take a picture at the same time?

By BY GEORGE GORDON - | Jun 4, 2021

When I need to type a number using my iPhone’s Message App, I have to tap the “123 key,” and all the numbers appear. After typing in the number, I have to tap the “ABC” key to return back to letters.

Well, I have a much faster way of doing this. Press on the “123” key, and the numbers suddenly appear. So, without lifting your finger, drag it to the number you wish to use then release your finger from the screen. Now the numbers keyboard disappears and you’re returned to the “ABC” keyboard.

When you accidentally type something, you can easily undo it by placing three fingers on the screen and swiping to the left. This performs the undo action.

If you’re ever in a rush and need to quickly call back someone, the iPhone has a handy built-in shortcut to enable that.

After you hang up, quickly open up your iPhone, then instead of tapping the “Recents” tab, just tap the Green Call button on the main keypad. This will instantly call back the last number you dialed.

If you’re calling a strange, unknown person and want to keep your number from showing up on their phone, then there is a cool way to prevent that. Just Press #31# before you type in their number and activate “no caller ID.”

iPhones now let you record video and take a photo at the same time using this simple trick.

While you’re recording a video, you’ll see another white circle button beside the record button. Simply tap this to take a quick picture without interrupting your video recording.

There’s a hidden setting on iPhones that will ensure you won’t lose focus or exposure when the camera moves. You can lock the focus and exposure by tapping and holding the screen until a yellow “AE/AF Lock” message appears.

Need a level to hang a picture? Open up Google, and in the search box type in “Bubble Level.” A yellow dot appears, and underneath are the words “touch to activate.” Click on it, hold up your iPhone and try and level something.

So you’re sitting at a bar and the waiter drops the $121.57 bill on your side of the table. An idea pops up — you ask your girlfriend if she wants to flip a coin and see who pays the bill. No coins? Grab your iPhone and say, “Hey Siri, flip a coin.” Sorry, you lost.

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