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My 200th column for Lahaina News!

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | May 21, 2021

Hello, folks! This is my column’s 200th issue for the Lahaina News. I want to thank Mark, the editor, for struggling over the editing of all my grammar mistakes and misspelled words. It’s been fun meeting people on the streets that recognize me from my photo and thank me for writing the articles that some find useful and others say that it starts their barbecue much faster.

Not only writing the articles, I enjoy repairing Apple computers for the folks on the island. New people trying to find my office use Google Search, but you can also use Maps. I haven’t written much about Maps, but its a very valuable app with many cool features, some of which I’d like to show you.

When you start a new trip in Maps from your current location, you can report accidents or hazards along your route. To do so, tap the up arrow on the info card or swipe it up, then tap “Report.” You’ll see options for reporting an “Accident,” “Hazard” or “Speed Check.” Be sure to have this app opened when traveling across the Pali.

Another neat feature in the Maps is the Editors’ Picks that help you find excellent places to explore and has cool animations. I use the Reminders App almost every day to keep track of my dentist appointments and paying bills on time. Now you can also print your Reminders lists right from your iPhone. Just hit the ellipsis (•••) icon in a list to find the “Print” button. If you don’t want to print a list, you’ll be able to save a PDF copy from the print preview.

Here is something new that everyone can use. Apple TV 4K has advertised a new feature called “Color Balance.” This feature allows you to hold your iPhone up to your TV with your Apple TV box turned on, which then analyzes the display to better calibrate the colors. Let’s give it a shot.

Make sure your iPhone is updated to 14.5 and also the Apple TV updated to 14.5. Turn on your Apple TV and go to Settings, Video and Audio, Calibrations, Color Balance. A notification will appear to turn your iPhone around front facing the YV screen. An outline of the iPhone will appear on the TV, so hold your iPhone up next to it.

The trick is to hold the iPhone one inch from the screen. That will take a quick reading and then ask you to view Results. A picture will appear with a comparison button to see “Use Original” or “Use Balanced.” I tried it and the colors look a little bit better than before.

On April 30, Apple will have on sale the new AirTags. They are similar to Tiles and Trackers tags which help you locate missing car keys or other important items that the tags are attached to. They cost $29 for one or $99 for four. How these differ from the other brands is that Apple uses their network to help locate the lost tags. For instance, if you lost your tag at a bar and grill, anyone in the surrounding vicinity that has an iPhone will be able to detect it and send a message to your iPhone of the location. With the new iPhone 12, it can narrow it down to a one-foot range. I’m going to order four, test them out, then write an article about my experience with them.

Lastly, you can ask Siri to “turn up the volume” on your iPhone, “take a note,” or “how much should I tip for a $65 bill?” You can now ask Siri to call your emergency contacts, so say, “Take a note” and say something.

Send your computer-related questions to MauiMist@aol.com.