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Create a new Photo Library for personal and business pictures

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | May 14, 2021

I always get so confused on what to do with photos on my iPhone and Mac. They’re supposed to be saved to the iCloud, and if you delete one from your iPhone or Mac, then it’s deleted from the Cloud.

I have so many photos that it’s hard to organize them, and the file names are something like img-0723.jpg. So now I’m going to show you how to rename the photos and how to search and find them.

Everyone has a default Photo Library where all the photos are kept. But did you know that you can create another Photo Library especially for personal or business photos? And guess what? These photos won’t be displayed on the main iCloud Photo Library. They can also be deleted and not affect the iCloud Photo Library.

To create a new one, just hold down the OPTION key and click on the Photo App icon on the bottom bar — a menu pops up. Choose “create new” and type in a name. Now when you want to switch Photo Libraries, just hold down the OPTION key, click on the Photos App, then choose which library you want to use. So now that we have that covered, let’s simplify a few things in your Photos.

Why not give each photo a name or title instead of IMG-0723? To do this, open up the Photos App, Click on View at the top, then click on Metadata, Titles. Instantly all the photos will have the IMG-???? Tags on them. Simply click on one, and then you can type in a different name like “my dog Barfo.” Have fun renaming all 2,356 photos.

There’s a cool way to find similar photos. For instance, let’s find all of your dog photos. In the Search box on the top right, type in DOGS and hit enter. Wow, all your dog photos appear.

Wasn’t that cool? If you click on the icon on the top that’s a circle with an “i” in it, it will give you all the information of that photo, like the location, date and time it was taken.

What I like about the new Photos App is that it has some great editing tools to adjust the size and color of the photos. Clicking on Edit on the top right will bring up a menu of many options that you can play around with. I like the Markup tool, where I can add text inside the photos.

But wait! Do you also have videos saved in your Photo Library? Well, guess what! You can edit them and brighten them up, change color or shrink the size by clicking on one scene, then choose Edit. When finished, the entire video will be changed.

The last cool thing that you can do is to select a bunch of photos and send them to someone. Let’s try it out.

Open up the Photos App, hold down your Shift key and drag your mouse around selecting a bunch of photos. They should turn blue. Now click on File at the top right, then Print. At the bottom is the Contact Sheet showing all the selected photos, so click on that. Now choose Print and a new screen pops up, so click on PDF at the bottom. Choose “Save as PDF,” and again another screen pops up allowing you to give it a name. Look for “save as” at the top, type in a name and then click on “Save.” Before you Save, the center of the screen will show you where the file will be saved and located — take note of that, so you’ll know where to find it after you clicked on “Save.”

That’s it. You just created a PDF file of your selected photos. Once you locate the new PDF file, go ahead and click on it. Once opened, you’ll see all of your selected files, and if you click on the Share icon on the top (which has a square box with an arrow pointed up in it), you can e-mail them out.

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