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Get ready to paste!

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | May 7, 2021

Are you ready to PASTE, PASTE, PASTE? Ever heard of the clipboard? When you copy anything from your iPhone or Mac from a website or document, it automatically goes to the clipboard, which stores it until you want to do something with it.

So let’s have some fun, and I’ll show you how this incredible feature works.

First of all, make sure you have Bluetooth activated on your iPhone and Mac computer. On the iPhone, go into Settings, General, click on AirPlay & Handoff and make sure you clicked on Handoff. Now you’re all set up to see how this works.

Let’s open the TEXT EDIT App on your MacBook and click on “New Document.” A blank page appears. On your iPhone, open up your Photos and choose one. At the bottom left is the Share Icon that looks like a box with an arrow pointed up in it. So click on that and choose Copy Photo. Okay, let’s go back to the Mac with the Text Edit window opened and right-click your mouse anywhere on the page and choose Paste. Whammo — your photo appears.

Let’s now copy some text from a website. Open up mypillow.com, click on the page, then drag your mouse over the text until it turns blue. Right-click your mouse and choose Copy. Head on back to the Text Edit page that’s opened, right-click your mouse anywhere on the page and choose Paste. Double whammo! You now have text and a photo on the same page using your iPhone and your MacBook.

But wait — there is another way to paste in a photo from your iPhone to your MacBook document. With Text Edit already opened, click on the top icon called Media. Under the iPhone icon, click on “take a Photo.” Pick up your iPhone, and it instantly comes alive with the Camera App opened and ready for you to take a shot. Press on the white button and Triple Whammy — the photo instantly appears on the Text Edit page. These are great ways to paste photos and text from the iPhone onto your MacBook and into almost any app.

But double wait! There is one more feature called AirDrop that people never use. Let’s have some fun and try this one out.

Keep your Text Edit page open on your iPhone and choose another photo. Now click on the Share Icon on the bottom left and choose AirDrop. A page called “Devices” appears and a small thumbnail of the Photo you chose appears. Underneath it shows the name of the computer it’s going to be copied to. So click on it and you’ll hear a couple of beeps. That means the photo successfully copied from the iPhone to the Mac.

So where is it? Click on the Finder icon on the bottom lower left and click on Downloads. A file named something like IMG_0764.jpg appears. Well, that’s cool, but what can we do with it besides looking at it? Try dragging the image to the Text Edit page and release your mouse. That four whammies!

I want to tell all my readers that besides repairing all PCs and Mac computers, we are now able to repair iPhones, iPads, and get this, Smart TVs, too. Bring em on.

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