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Don’t turn off your computer!

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Apr 23, 2021

People ask me all the time whether they should keep their laptops or desktops on all the time or shut them down at the end of the day. The best answer I can give you is to never shut them down. That’s because when they go to sleep at night, most upgrades are installed.

If you shut them down at night, then during the day it will take longer for the updates to install, and that will eventually slow your computer down during that time. So, Bucko, don’t turn OFF your computer!

Most restaurants have a big sign out front that displays a QR code on it. That’s their menu, so you can see what they have to offer instead of looking at a piece of plastic.

Most of the time, you can use the iPhone camera to read it. Just open up the Camera and point it at the QR code. But if that doesn’t work, there is a hidden iPhone app called Code Scanner that you can use to scan QR codes. To use this on your iPhone, swipe right, and a Search box appears. Type in CODE SCANNER, and you’re ready to order a Harvey Wall Banger on the rocks.

So, after three Harveys, you’re ready to order a Spam sandwich… but you can’t read the small text on the menu. Don’t worry. I have a solution. On the top right of the menu page is “aA.” If you click on the aA, a menu pops up. Just lick on the big “A,” and the text gets bigger. So give it three more clicks after that Wall Banger.

Another cool thing that you can try is to take a screen shot of the QR code menu after it pops up, go to your table and take your time ordering. To take a screen shot, try holding down the top left side button on your iPhone and click on the right side button. You’ll hear a shutter sound telling you successfully shot a photo, and it appears on the bottom left in small size. But wait, if you want to see the full-size page, tap your finger on the small photo quickly — and I mean quickly — and it instantly enlarges it.

Speaking of screen shots, there is another cool trick that saves several pages of a website using a screen shot. This creates a PDF file that when saved, you can look at anytime and you don’t have to open up Safari, find the website and open it up again. Now that will save you a lot of finger clicking!

Want to try it out? Open up Safari, and then open up a website like “Bingo Gambling in Happy Valley” that’s about three pages long. Go ahead and take a screen shot of the page pressing on the left side and right side at the same time on your iPhone — the small photo appears on the lower fight. Quickly tap your finger on the small photo, and a menu appears. Click on Full Page.

On the top of the screen is the Share menu icon that looks like a small box with an arrow pointed up in it. Click on it and choose Save to File, which will create a PDF file of the gambling website. That’s it.

Now if the cops don’t show up, you just made a newly created PDF file. Now choose where you want the file to be saved. I like putting them in Documents in the iCloud Drive, where you can view it anytime without opening up Safari.

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