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Set up a mouse right-click to save time

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Apr 2, 2021

Right-clicking your mouse any where inside an app that’s opened will bring up a context menu allowing you to perform things like copy, paste and save file. To set up a mouse right-click, you must open up System Preferences, Mouse and click on Secondary Click. But if you’re lazy and don’t want to open up System Preferences, you can just hold down the Option key and right-click — it will do the same.

So you came home drunk and spilled a half-gallon of red wine on your laptop keyboard, and now you can’t type in anything. Luckily, there are a couple of options you can use. One, you could plug in a USB keyboard to the side of your laptop, and then you’re able to type in your user name… if you can still remember it.

The other option is if you have a wireless keyboard, you need to use the charging cable that came with your iPhone — plug it in the back of your wireless keyboard and the USB connector into the side of your Mac.

Did you know that if you press the keys Command, Control and Space Bar, the emojis pop up? And if you press the keys Command, Option and Esc, that will bring up a menu where you can force quit a program or an app that is not responding or frozen.

If you have two programs opened, like Safari and Pages, you can split the screen and have Pages on one side and Safari on the other side. To do this with Safari, just press the green dot on the upper left and choose “Tile Windows to the Left.”

Now press the green dot on Pages and choose “Tile Windows to the Right.” Both are evenly split. The Dock is located on the bottom of the screen where you can launch apps. There are actually three sections of the Dock divided by a vertical line. The first section is your apps. Click on one, and it opens up. If you want to remove the app, try holding your mouse on the app and dragging it to the middle of the screen. But don’t freak out, because that was only shortcut icon. The original app resides in the Application Folder. The second section are apps that you just launched. This section only displays apps that are not already showing in the first section.

The far right section is for Folders and Files. If you have a special document that you always need to open up, you can minimize it to the Dock, and when every you want to see what’s in it, then click on it. That saves you the time of opening up the app, scrolling around to find the file and then double-clicking on it to open it up.

Clicking on a folder in section three will display the contents in it. When an app is opened, you can click on the yellow dot at the top left side of a program, and that will minimize it to the second section of the Dock.

You can choose many different ways to display the Dock by opening up System Preferences, Dock and Menu Bar.

I mentioned many times that clicking on the spy glass on the top right side brings up Spotlight Search. Let’s say you want to search your last job’s termination paper.

The search brings up many sections from Documents, Web Searches, Music, Contacts, Mail, Messages, Reminders and Siri suggestions.

You can even do calculations, search for a movie or get the weather. You can even launch an app by typing in its name, like Safari.

If you click on a file and press Command R, that will give you a preview of what the file looks like.

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