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Hard of hearing? Make your iPhone vibrate or flash when new messages arrive

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Mar 5, 2021

A lot of the time I miss a phone call or a text because being an old geezer, my hearing isn’t up to par. But there are a few features on the iPhone that can help me out.

One is called Vibrations, where your iPhone starts to vibrate when a message pops up. You can set this up by going into Settings, Sounds and then Ringtone Settings, Vibrations. A list appears with a variety of sounds. So go ahead and choose one, or under Custom you can Create a New Vibration.

But if you don’t want hear a sound, how about a flashing light? Go to Settings, Accessibility, Hearing, Audio/Visual, then click on Led Flash for Alerts and click on Flash on Silent.

Okay, here is a really good one. People don’t realize that every time they open up a new web page, a new tab is created. You could have 50 or 100 tabs opened and not realize it.

Wanna see? Open up Safari, and on the lower right corner is a double box. Click on it and WOW — look at all those websites you’ve visited. If you click on the Done box, that closes all the tabs listed. Now that’s a relief!

Here is a really neat trick to copy a phone number into your Reminder app without typing in the number. Let’s say you want to copy a phone number from a lady you were drinking with for the past two hours and put it in your Reminder app, realizing your fingers can’t find the keyboard. Have her call you but hang up. Now her number is listed in your Recents list on your iPhone. So, on your iPhone, open up the Reminder app, then open up Phone, Recents — on the top is her phone number. Click on the blue circle with an “I” in it, and her number appears much bigger. Press on the big number and COPY appears, so press on Copy. Now comes the fun part.

If you look at the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice a long black line. Just swipe it to the right and the Reminder apps opens up. Go ahead and press on it once, then press on it again and PASTE appears. Click on it and whammo — you now have your future ex-wife’s phone number on it, and after those seven beers, you didn’t have to type in her number! This trick of sliding back and forth between two apps allows you to copy and paste things on each one, because you can only see one app at a time.

I have the Apple TV box with a remote that sometimes is pretty touchy. What I’d like to show you is a couple of really cool tricks using your remote.

On your remote is a microphone icon, and if you press it and hold it, you can ask Siri to do something. So tell Siri: “Look for the movie ‘Godzilla versus Bambi!’ “ You’ll find it. You could also press and say, “Siri, skip ten seconds.” Unfortunately, that brings us to the end of this movie.

The plus and minus buttons on the side allow you to increase your volume. If you want to put the Apple box to sleep, on the right side of the menu button is a little icon with a monitor in it. Just press on it, and it will go to sleep. You can also rearrange the apps on the menu on your TV by pressing and holding onto an app and moving it around, and you can also delete apps.

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