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Great tips and tricks for iPhones and Big Sur

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Feb 12, 2021

Well, I’m back again with some more awesome tricks and tips using your iPhone and the new Big Sur on your Mac.

When you make a call on the iPhone, a big screen pops up taking over everything — but now if you swipe up, it shrinks the phone screen and you’re back to the main screen.

Another cool thing is when you’re watching a video clip from YouTube in Safari, you can click on it, and it shrinks, allowing you to move it to the bottom of the screen and then continue opening up other apps.

Get this: if you’re using FaceTime, you can also shrink it and move it around the screen and do other things.

If you want to get more free space on your Big Sur desktop, you can hide the Dock and Menu Bar. When you need it, just move your mouse down to the bottom to make the Dock appear or point it at the top and the Menu Bar appears. To do this, just click on the Apple icon on the top left and click on System Preferences, Dock and Menu Bar; on the bottom, click on Automatically Hide and Show the Menu Bar and click on Automatically Hide and Show the Dock.

Here is another trick to log on to a new router. Let’s say you’re checking in the Norman Bates Hotel and the lobby has Wi-Fi. Finding a corpse underneath the counter, you need to get on the Internet and call the police after finding out the phone lines have been cut. Swipe from the top right down on your iPhone and the Control Center pops up; just press and hold on the blue icon below the Airplane icon. A new screen pops up, and by pressing on the Wi-Fi icon, a list of new routers pops up. There you can choose the one that will let you on the Internet.

On your Mac, by default, you can’t see the scroll bar on the right side of your apps when you bring up a website page. But if you open up System Preferences, click on General, “Show Scroll Bars” and “Always,” it will now appear. So if you want to scroll down on a long webpage, just hold down your mouse on the scroll bar and move it down. Much faster now!

If you’re typing on your iPhone and make a mistake, like spelling a word wrong, just shake your phone and it will disappear.

They say the new iWatch coming out soon will have a Blood Glucose sensor on it, so you won’t have to prick your finger ever again.

Now we’re going to look at sending out photos using your E-mail App. Many times people think that they can send 25 pictures of their dog to their grandmother, but then they get a message that their e-mail provider can’t send that many photos. Bummer! Well, there is a work-around that will help you send as many as you want. It’s called Mail Drop.

Open up Mail, and on the top left choose Mail, Preferences, Accounts, and click on “Send large attachment with Mail Drop.” So, knock yourself out! Another option when you have Mail opened and want to attach a photo to send, you can click on the paperclip icon and choose a photo from your photo album.

Yet another way is to open up the Photos App beside the Mail App screen and drag a photo from the Photos App screen to the Mail App screen. And if you don’t want to open up Mail, you can open up Photos, choose a photo, Control+Right Click and choose Share, Mail. Better yet, just drag a photo down to the Mail icon on the Dock and the Mail App opens up with the photo attached inside of it.

Wait!! What if your friend has a PC instead of a Mac? Well, you can fix that by opening up Mail, Edit, Attachments and choosing “Always Send Windows Friendly Attachments.”

Another awesome thing you can do is when you placed a photo in your Mail, you can use Mark Up to add text, shrink it and scribble stuff on it. What you have to do to find Mark Up is to place your mouse on the photo that’s in your e-mail, and on the top right a small white box with a down arrow suddenly appears. Click on the down arrow and choose Mark Up.

Also on the right side of the Mail screen is the Image Size. Choose “Actual Size “ for best viewing.

Okay, I’m saving the last for the best. Open up your Mail App on the Mac and get ready to send a photo to your ex-girlfriend.

Have your iPhone opened and make sure you went into Settings and clicked on Bluetooth. Also make sure on your Mac to have her e-mail name and the subject line typed in it. Now on the upper right-hand corner on the Mac is a weird double-box icon with a small mountain in it. Click on it and a menu pops down; choose Take Photo, and instantly an icon appears that says, “Take a photo with an iPhone.”

All of a sudden your iPhone camera comes on, so you can press on the big white button to take a photo of your smiling face kissing your new girlfriend on her cheek. Click on “Use Photo” and whammy — the photo now appears in your e-mail. Isn’t that really cool? Get ready for an ugly reply!

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