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More iPhone iOS 14 tricks

By BY GEORGE GORDON/The Computer Guru - | Feb 5, 2021

My last issue, I dumped so many new iPhone iOS 14 tricks on ya that you must still be reading the column. Well, get ready for some more goodies.

As I mentioned, a new Safari feature can translate any language from a foreign web page by tapping on the “aA” symbol on the top left. Also, by tapping on it, you can choose to show Reader View that only displays text and not graphic images.

Another feature allows you to choose “Request Mobile Website” and “Privacy Report,” so Safari will prevent trackers from following you across the websites. That’s a good one to choose!

Let’s say you want to share a special page on a website. Just click and hold your mouse while swiping down until the screen turns blue. Now press the share icon on the bottom that has a box with an up arrow in it. Choose Mail, Message, Facebook or other options.

Here is good one that will keep you from getting a ticket texting on your phone. You can send an Audio Messages in Siri. Just say, “Hey Siri, send an audio message to Jane.”

You probably have tons of photos on your iPhone like me. But there are some that I wouldn’t want somebody to see if they accidentally found my iPhone and opened it up. For instance, I have a picture of my credit card and a photo of my Kaiser medical card.

Go to settings, scroll down to the Photos and click on Hidden Album. So let’s have some fun and check it out; open up your Photos and scroll down until you see Hidden Albums. It should show 0. Okay, let’s put some hidden photos in it. Choose a photo — on the bottom left is the Share icon (a box with an arrow pointed up in it). Click on the box, scroll down to HIDE and click on it. Click on the red-colored HIDE PHOTO.

That’s great and all, but if someone gets ahold of your phone, clicks on Photos and scrolls down, they will see Hidden Photos. If they open it up, guess what? They aren’t hidden anymore. So, what can you do about this?

Well, go back into the Settings, Photos and uncheck HIDE PHOTOS. If you go back into Photos and scroll down to the bottom, Hide Photos isn’t listed anymore. You’re now safe.

Right now, you can block telephone calls from anyone (including spam or un friendly people you don’t like), but did you know that in Messages, you can do the same? I’ll show you how to do that.

Go to Settings, scroll on down to Messages and click on “Filter Unknown Senders.” After you did that, go ahead and open up Messages — you’ll see at the very top a blue arrow next to Filters. If you click on Filters, you have three choices: All Messages, Known Senders and Unknown Senders. If you click on Known Senders, only those people, hopefully your friends sending you messages, will be displayed on your iPhone. You now got rid of Spammers and AT&T alerts!

I mentioned this before that I had so many apps that my finger got worn out swiping across screens to find one. And to add to my discomfort, every time I download an app, it just cluttered more of my screen.

Apple just created a new screen called App Library, which shows you all your apps on one big screen. If you go into Settings, Home Screen, you can select from the Newly Downloaded Apps screen, “App Library Only,” instead to Add to Home Screen. All your newly downloaded apps will appear in the App Library. To see your App Library, just keep swiping to the left.

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