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Watch out for the Malware Drive virus!

By BY GEORGE GORDON/Computer Guru - | Jan 15, 2021

Did you just get an e-mail message from Amazon that you bought a 55-inch TV for $4,285.22? Well, if you did — and after picking yourself up off the floor — don’t open up the e-mail to check and see if you bought it or not. It’s a big SCAM!

Downloading it could cause your phone to get infected with a virus called Malware Drive that will take control over your phone. A reputable shipping company like Amazon will use .COM, .HTTPS, INFO or CN. Another way to check is to click on the top line where it says Amazon.com and click on the arrow (>). That will display the whole website name. So if you see iscamyou.info, you’ll know you’re getting scammed.

Okay, are you ready to send that digital box back to Spectrum that costs you $64 a month? Here is the best tip of the year! On your smart TV, you can download the Spectrum App. Or you can download the Spectrum app on your smartphone and use mirroring to display it on your TV. Doing this allows you to watch all the channels for FREE and bypass the digital box.

I downloaded the app on the Apple TV box, which also allows me to watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and a few other apps — cool, huh?

If you haven’t set up a free Spectrum Account, you should. You’ll need to create a screen name and password.

I just received my new MacBook Air with the brand new M1 chip and the new Big Sur on it. With it, you can use Sidecar — a new app than can turn your iPad into an extended monitor alongside your laptop. A nice feature about Big Sur is the ability to edit RAW photos along with JPG photos.

There is a new search engine called Ecosia in Safari, so if you’re not happy with Google, you can switch by going to Preferences, Search, Search Engine and choose Ecosia.

Now get ready for the mind blower of the century. With the new M1 chip inside my Mac Air, I can run apps from my iPhone on it. Here is how you can do it. Open the Mac App Store icon and click on your name in the lower corner. You’ll then see a list of the previously downloaded or purchased Mac apps linked to your Apple ID. Click on iPhone & iPad Apps to switch the view to apps you’ve installed on your iPhone or tablet. Now click on the app you want to display and copy to your laptop. That’s it, and it worked really well.

I’m now selling my older 11-inch MacBook Air 2017 that’s in excellent condition for $450. It has 8 gigs of RAM, a 250-gig hard drive and Big Sur on it. It also has a brand new logic board inside it, so this is a good deal for someone wanting to buy an Apple laptop. Just e-mail me if you’re interested!

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