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Latest iPhone update includes cool features

By BY GEORGE GORDON, Computer Guru - | Nov 6, 2020

Well, is everyone alive after my last issue using the new iPhone upgrade and all the new features? Better lay down, because I have some really good ones to show you!

Now there is a way to open and use an app by just tapping the back of your iPhone. To set this up, open up System Preferences, click on Accessibilities and Touch, then scroll down to the bottom and click on Back Tap. You can choose on either Double Tap or Triple Tap, which displays all kind of things like open up Messages, E-mail or Take a Photo.

If you ever use FaceTime to talk to someone, the whole screen opens up with that person smiling. You can press the Home Screen and open up any app — the smiling FaceTime person shrinks to the lower corner.

Ready for the best one in a long time? Now you can add a description to a photo, and if you have 2,357 photos and need to find a specific one, you can type in a name in the search box, and the photo appears. Let’s try one out.

Open up Photos on your Mac and choose a photo. Now swipe up from the middle of the photo until a box appears called “Add a Caption.” Type in a name, then hit Done at the top. Okay, let’s try and find that photo. Go back to the screen displaying all your photos, and in the search box at the top, type in the name of the photo you just created. There it is!

Now another cool trick is to hide an app on your iPhone. You can hold down on an app until it jiggles, then choose “Remove App,” then choose “Remove App to Library.” When you swipe all the way to the right and see the App Library, your app will be there. You can set it up so that all the apps that you download and install go to the App Library instead of the Home Screen. Open up Settings, Tap Home Screen and click on “App Library Only.”

Here is another neat trick. On your iPhone, when the Mail App is open and you’re looking at all your e-mails, you can delete one by swiping your finger to the left and choosing Delete.

Sometimes you need to sign a document someone sent you in your e-mail. Most of them are PDF files. A simple way to sign your name to one of these files is to first open up the e-mail that has the PDF file, right-click on it and choose copy. Then create an e-mail of the person you want to send it to, click on the page and right-click, and then choose Paste. Now that you have the PDF file on your e-mail page, we’re going to insert your name. Ready? Double click on the PDF file to open it, and on the top line are the tool icons you can choose to create a text with your name, or you can even use a magic marker and scribble it out.

Are you ready for the best tip in the world? People are so confused on how to transfer photos from their iPhone over to their Mac. Well, Bucko, in your Applications folder is a program called IMAGE CAPTURE. Go ahead and open it up. At the same time, connect your iPhone to the back or side of your Mac with the charging cable. Click on the Finder icon at the bottom left, and you should see your iPhone listed under Location. Great. You’re ready to do something incredible.

On your laptop screen with the Image Capture program opened, you’ll see all your photos. Now click on the six blue dots, and all the photos have a green checkmark ready to transfer over to your Mac. But first you need to tell the program where to import them to. So, right-click somewhere on the desktop, choose “Make New Folder” and name it “My Import Photos.”

Now, in the Image Capture App, click on the up and down keys next to IMPORT TO, and click on OTHERS, Desktop, “MY Import Photos.”

Wow, that was a lot of work, but it’s worth it because now you’re going to click on IMPORT ALL.

Guess what? You did it. All your iPhone photos are now on a folder on your desktop called “MY IMPORT PHOTOS.” And you can now delete photos off your iPhone and get more space.

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