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Long overdue updates may cause crashes

By Staff | Sep 3, 2020

So, you want to text your ex-girlfriend a “goodbye Mary” and don’t want her to see your phone number. Well, Bucko, you’re in good luck. Just type in a code – *#67# – on your iPhone, and nobody will be able to see the phone number.

But let’s say you want to send her a video with you and your new girlfriend in it, and at the same time, you want to block your new girlfriend’s face.

It’s the same thing as watching “Live PD” and seeing an officer take someone down – you can’t see their face because it looks like a blurry popsicle covering their whole head.

So, you’re in luck again, because there’s an iPhone app that just does that. It’s called Anonymous. This app will cover anyone’s face with a solid or blurry circle.

I’ve been pretty busy helping the Lahaina Sunset Rotary Club refurbishing computers for Princess Nahi’ena ‘ena Elementary School kids. They have set a goal of 90 computers that they want to give away to the kids just before school starts.

So far, I’ve been able to refurbish 60 of them, and if anyone wants to donate their old computer – whether it be a laptop, desktop or an Apple – they can drop them off at Moku Roots restaurant in Lahaina.

Not only do you have to be careful not to catch this COVID-19 virus, but be careful of all the online scams! Some scammers want to steal your medical records or try and sell you Clorox pills.

I almost got kicked out of the doctor’s office. Asked me if I was sick – high fever or virus – so I told them I had the kl1278mr virus and it crashed me out. After a 30-second stare, I told them my Windows 10 had it.

Windows has been having so many problems with their updates causing crashes that sometimes you can’t even use the repair mode to fix them.

Since this virus hit, many businesses have been shut down and haven’t turned on their computers the whole time. So when they open up and turn them on, most will automatically begin updates which may cause crashes.

Dick Sargent from Sargent’s Fine Art will begin a soft opening Sept. 1 and has asked me to come in early, check out his office computers and see if any updates have infected them.

I’ve told many of my customers that they can turn off automatic updates by right-clicking on the Start button on the lower lefthand corner, and in the Search Box, type in “automatic updates.” That will take you to a section where you can choose to disable these updates.

Doing this won’t hurt your computer’s performance, but what happens is that if Microsoft comes out with an update to fix a new online virus affecting the Microsoft Edge browser, you won’t get it. That doesn’t mean your going to get this virus. If you have a virus protection program like Norton or AVG and Malwarebytes, that should protect you.

Well, until next time, stay safe, wear your mask and watch out for scammers trying get your money!

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