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Have fun with the free Clips app

By Staff | Jun 18, 2020

This week, we’re going to have some fun with an app that you need to download from the App Store. It’s called Clips and it’s free! So what are you waiting for?

Pick up your iPhone, click on the App Store icon, in the Search Bar type in “Clips,” then download it. Now that the hard part is over, let’s open it up and get ready for some really cool features.

The first thing that appears is a face that looks familiar. It’s YOU! Didn’t know you looked so good, did ya? Click on Scenes, and there you are again with a sky background. Slide over to choose another background.

I like the one with me and Wyatt Earp, the gunfighter, getting ready for a showdown – and there is even music in the background.

Tap on Select and a big RED button appears; then slide your finger up and a red square appears while you’re doing your recording. Pressing the big red square button will stop the recording. But get ready! Try moving the camera left or right, and the western background moves around. Position Wyatt right in the background while you’re recording and tell him to shoot first. Too bad, Wyatt – I won.

Now let’s close that out, and at the main screen choose Posters. Choose Newsflash, and the RED record button appears that allows you to make a recording. I said, “Wyatt went to visit Boot Hill.” Notice that on the bottom is a small white arrow that when pressed will play back your recording. Also, if you press on the newly created clip, a menu pops up allowing you to choose Effects, Titles and the ability to delete the clip. Have fun experiencing with these features.

After you created your masterpiece, you can hit the Share button on the very right bottom that looks like a box with an up arrow in it. Press on it, and you can choose to e-mail, text, post it to Facebook or save it.

Now comes the really fun part. You can click on Library, and all your photos show up. Go ahead and choose a photo. After it appears, hold the red record button and say something. Make it short, then press the white arrow button to review it. That’s what I call amazing.

Get this: you can click on Library and choose a video clip. Press on the red button while sliding your finger up to show the big red square Stop button and start talking. Try zooming in with your fingers, then press the red square button to stop. Great! Now play it back. WOW – now that was extra cool.

You can make a slide show using the photos and videos you choose from your photo library. They will align all in a row on the bottom looking like small clips. Just press the Share button and choose where you want to send them.

Okay, did you get a kick out of that? So what else can you do with Clips? Well, how about creating a video diary or journal? Click on the camera and your image pops up, then click on the red record button and say something about what you did today. You can even choose a background effect. Tomorrow, do the same. You can even open up the library, choose a photo you took that day, hit Record and say something about the photo. All the clips appear on the bottom in a line, and that can be your diary.

Well, what do you want to do after you create it? I suggest not posting it to Facebook if you said something bad about your girlfriend. Click on the Share icon, and you can choose “Save Video” (which saves it to your photo library) or click on “Save to Files,” which saves it to your iCloud Drive.

There is so much more you can do with the Clips App, especially using text in your photos, videos and posters, making the text larger and even sliding it around and slanting it. The effects give you many choices, too.

Have fun and send some out to your friends.

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