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Add fun special effects to your iMessages

By Staff | May 28, 2020

Everyone uses iMessages to send friends a fast message instead of making a phone call. After awhile, it becomes boring using the funky emojis to add special effects, so let’s have some fun and experiment with some really cool effects that you didn’t know existed.

First, open up iMessages; and let’s send Governor Ige a message thanking him for shutting everything down for three months. After you put in his phone number, write something nice (or not) in the text box. Next, press and hold down the blue up arrow; a menu appears with Bubble and Screen above. Press on the Screen and watch your message explode and float around the screen. Press on Screen again, and now swipe your finger from the right- to the left-hand side. Each time you keep swapping, a new effect appears to choose from, like balloons, confetti and fireworks.

But get ready for a good one. If you just type in “happy birthday,” a ballon effect magically appears.

Now if someone responds, you actually don’t have to type a message back. Just tap and hold on their message, and a menu appears at the top where you can choose from many other effects. Wasn’t that fun?

Let’s press Bubble; a slide menu appears with the options to choose either Slam, Loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink. Go ahead and experiment – choose one, then press on the blue up arrow. The one called Invisible Ink has a really cool effect. If you press on it, then tap the blue up arrow, it looks like the noise or snow effect on a 1957 TV screen. The other person just has to touch it, and the letters magically reappear.

Still have your attention? If I do, get ready for the best ones coming up.

Let’s send one to your ex-girlfriend, who dumped you because you could never spell her name correctly, a nice or maybe not nice text. Open up iMessage and type in her phone number, then on the left side of iMessage, the camera and the circle with an “A” in it appears. Click on the “A,” and a whole set of icons appear.

Let’s choose the icon that looks like a white spy glass in a red circle. It’s called Images, and there you’ll find all kinds of animated video clips to choose from. Pick out a good one and send it off to her.

On the same menu bar is the icon that’s looks like a bunch of colored balloons in a circle. That one is your photo album, where you can send a picture or even a video.

One of my favorite is the red heart in a black circle called Digital Touch. It allows you to draw with your finger, and when you send it out, the other person sees the shape being created.

Now we’re not finished with this effect, because on the right side is the camera button. When pressed, it allows you to choose a picture or video, draw on it and send it out. It shows the lines being drawn and also audio.

Do you remember how to hand write? If you turn your iPhone or iPad sideways, a small squiggle icon appears on the right side of the return button. Pressing on it allows you to write with your finger any words you want.

Last one is probably the most useful: it’s the voice record icon that lets you send sound instead of written text.

It’s located on the very right button and looks like a microphone. Just press on it and start talking.

So if you can’t spell, type or write, you’re in big trouble. Just choose the microphone instead and have fun sending out creative texts.

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