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Why you should never ignore upper cervical pain and headaches

By Staff | May 7, 2020

Upper cervical pain often manifests as migraines, headaches and neck pain. In some cases, the pain spreads to other parts of the body. It can also manifest as muscle spasms in the shoulder, neck and upper back.

Causes of upper cervical pain: The cervical spine comprises of muscles, ligaments and bones that link the head to the rest of the body. Accidents, overuse and inflammation can damage the upper vertebrae. Trauma and injury can cause pain to the head and other parts of the cervical region, even long after the accident. The upper cervical pain and headaches will continue except for the root cause of the injury. In many cases, upper cervical pain can persist for weeks or months. An upper cervical pain that lasts for a more extended period is sometimes an indication of many serious issues like cancer, cervical facet syndrome, concussion, disc herniations, autoimmune or spinal cord disease.

Upper cervical pain, headaches, and chiropractic care: To address the upper cervical pain, the specific chiropractor will administer chiropractic adjustments and other kinds of care. This will correct misalignments in the upper cervical region, set off a healing process in the body and restore nervous system function. When you ignore upper cervical pain and headaches, you risk having a poor posture. Also, prolonged pain can make life unbearable for you, so that you may struggle to work, study or cope with basic tasks. Don’t ignore your upper cervical pains and headaches.

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