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Mac iOS 14.15.4 update includes the option to share folders

By Staff | Apr 9, 2020

Wow, double WOW, do I have some cool stuff to share with you!

With the new update for the Mac iOS 14.15.4, which you need to download, you’re going to be able to share folders with other people. So if you created a folder with a bunch of photos or special documents inside it, you can send them ALL to another person’s computer instead of one at a time.

Wanna try it out? Come on, since we’re in lockdown, give it a shot!

Click on the Finder at the bottom left, then choose iCloud Drive, then click on Documents. That will open up, showing you all your documents.

While we’re there, let’s create a dummy folder called TEST; and, believe it or not, it’s really easy to do.

Okay, right-click your mouse and a menu drops down; choose New Folder and give it a name, “TEST.”

By the way, in case you didn’t know it, folders can contain one or more documents inside them. If you have Microsoft Word, you can create a dummy document, then click on File, Save, and place it in the iCloud Drive, Document, Test Folder or drag an old Word file over there.

Now comes the fun part, because we’re going to send the test file to one of your friends.

So if you right-click on the TEST folder located in the iCloud Drive, Documents, which now contains a document, a menu pops down with the option to choose SHARE. So click on ADD PEOPLE. A new menu pops up allowing you to choose Mail, Messages, Copy Link and AirDrop.

Let’s choose Mail, fill out who you want to send it to, then click on SEND. Okay, that was easy, but guess what? You can have the people who receive the folder make changes to any of the documents you sent them.

Under the Share option, just choose Show People, then click on Share Options and make a selection. So what this all means is that you have the ability to send a bunch of documents that are placed inside a new folder that you created in the iCloud Drive, Documents section to anyone.

There is a new feature in the Music App where you can view lyrics while the music is playing. Open up your Music App, select a song, then start playing it. Now click on View at the top and choose Lyrics, and they start displaying on the right side.

In Safari, if you click on File on the top and choose Import From, you can choose Firefox or Google Chrome and have the option to select Bookmarks, History or Passwords to import to Safari.

So with this lockdown and quarantine happening, if all of a sudden your computer crashes, there is a solution.

I can now Screen Share, meaning that I can see your computer’s screen on my screen and possibly repair the problem you’re having.

All you have to do (when I send you a request showing on your screen) is to click on Accept – then I’ll be able to see your screen and can control it with my mouse.

Send your computer-related questions to MauiMist@aol.com.