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Need to scan a document to your iPhone?

By Staff | Mar 5, 2020

You can scan documents to your iPhone using the Files App.

First, travel to the Files App on your iPhone. Now swipe down from the top slightly until you see the three-dot icon at the top left. Tap the three-dot icon, and then tap Scan Documents to activate the camera. Position the camera over the document until it recognizes it. Tap the Save button, and the scan is placed in your Files folder.

The new iOS 13.4 just came out with some new features. There are nine new Memoji stickers – check them out!

If you buy a compatible app on the Mac App Store for your MacBook, you’ll be able to download its iPhone iOS counterpart for free, just as you can for apps between the iPhone and iPadOS.

There’s a new “Always Listen for ‘Hey Siri'” option in Settings > Accessibility > Siri. When enabled, your iPhone will always look out for a “Hey Siri” command, even when your iPhone is face down or covered.

You can now use a mouse with your iPad. Go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, Assistive Touch and toggle on Assistive Touch. Now go to Devices and wait for it to recognize your bluetooth mouse.

Many times when I write these articles, I cut out a section of large text and paste it into my Word document. It’s a real hassle to format the text to the same size of the existing text. But if I first select the line of text, it turns blue. Now tap on Edit at the top, then Copy. Slide over to your Word document that is already opened, then choose Edit “Paste and Match Style.” The big text now looks and has the same format in my Word document. This is a really good tip when pasting from a Safari website that has extremely large text to your Word document.

Let’s say you want to copy a 3D map or a Satellite image in the Maps App and paste it into your Word doc. If you just select and copy it, then try to paste it in a Word or Pages doc, it won’t show the 3D effect. But if you copy the 3D and click on Files at the top, then click on the Print option, you can choose to Save in Preview (found on the bottom left side in the PDF box). Just click on the down arrow to choose Save to Preview. Now when the Preview App opens up, just choose Edit, Copy. Slide on over to your Pages document and choose Edit, Paste. You’ll have a beautiful 3D map image.

If you keep getting scam or spam messages, here is something you can do. Just forward the spam message to 7726. It spells “spam.” Sprint will block the number for you. You can even block the message on the iPhone by opening the message in the Message App and tapping on the INFO button. On the next screen, tap on Phone Number followed by Block this Caller.

The new Windows 10 update might erase all your documents and pictures. After you restart your computer and nothing shows up, don’t freak out. What you need to do is to click on the Explorer tab on the Task Bar, then click on Drive C: Click on Users – you’ll see a new Account named “.000” That’s your new account name with all your old data.

What you need to do is open it up, then go into the Control Panel and into User Accounts, Manage Another Account, Add a new User in PC Settings. Create a new YOU, then reboot to the new user and copy all your pictures, music, documents and videos over from the .000 User to the new User account.

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