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Have some fun with the Clips app

By Staff | Feb 27, 2020

I often want to copy a website address that sits on the top line and looks something like this: www.stickyglue.com. I would click on it with my mouse and drag it onto my Document page, Desktop or another browser.

Well, I have some great news to make this easy to do. Just press the Command key and the L key, and you’ll notice that the www.stickyglue.com is highlighted in blue. Good job. You’re almost done.

Now press the Command key and the C key to copy it. Great… last step is to press the Command key and the V key to paste it in another document, or if you opened up another browser like Firefox or Chrome, just press the Command key and the V.

Whammo! You just saved yourself moving the mouse all around the desktop. Okay, wasn’t that fun ? Well, get ready. I’m going to make your day with this one.

Remember, in one of my last articles, that I asked you to download from the App Store an app called Clips? Don’t just sit there if ya didn’t… get that app ASAP!

What we’re going to do is to create a video slide show with it that you can share with your friends on Facebook or send as an e-mail. You realtors could use this app to send clients a slide how of the house you’re trying to sell.

Open up the Clips app, and in the upper left-hand corner, a white square appears. When you click on it, it gives you the option to “Create New,” so hit the + in the box. A screen pops showing someone looking familiar. Hey, that’s you!

After you’re done freaking out, tap the Library box – all your photos show up. Tap on any photo and you’re back to the main screen where there is a big Red button. This is the record button, and the longer you press it the more you can say about the photo. So press it and say something. Great. Wasn’t that fun? But wait… we’re going to add some more photos and create a slide show.

So press the Library again to bring up all your photos and choose another one. You’re back to the main screen, so press the red button and say something about the last photo. If you look at the bottom of the screen, your photos appear along with a white arrow on the left side that when pressed will play your slide show.

There are a bunch of special features in which you can add text or make the photo look like a painting. I’m not going to get into all that stuff now. We will finish up saving the slide show to your iPhone, e-mailing it or sending it to Facebook. Look for the Share icon (a box with an up arrow in it). Click on it and choose any option. You will really love this new app.

You don’t need to subscribe to the new Apple Music service in order to use the new music app (since they did away with the iTunes app), and you don’t need to click on the free trial. Open up your Apple Music App, and on the right side you have three choices: Apple Music, Your Library and iTunes Store. If you click on iTunes Store, you’ll be able to click on any album to preview or buy it without subscribing or joining Apple Music.

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