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Treatment for cervical pinched nerves

By Staff | Feb 6, 2020

People who suffer from pinched nerves often experience tingling sensations, muscular weakness and numbness in the affected part of the body. Some sufferers also feel that a limb has slipped into unconsciousness. This condition can be incredibly painful and debilitating, so that most sufferers find it difficult to play, work, study and handle basic tasks.

The term “pinched nerve” gives the impression of a nerve being pinched. However, the word “pinched” refers to any pressure on the spinal nerve.

Most sufferers of pinched nerves have either taken a blow to the head or been involved in an accident. Some sufferers spend long hours working or playing in front of their computers. These activities often lead to trauma in the upper cervical area. Trauma forces the top two neck vertebrae out of their aligned position. This hinders the central nervous system function.

Upper cervical chiropractic care has proven to be very effective in correcting the fundamental problems that lead to pinched nerves.

Before any upper cervical chiropractic care is provided, the specialist will conduct nerve tests and digital X-ray scans. If any upper cervical trauma is diagnosed, chiropractic adjustments will be administered to correct the fundamental cause of the symptoms of pinched nerves. The specialist will also provide other kinds of care that will reduce and/or eliminate the condition.

If you want long-term relief from the painful symptoms of pinched nerves, dial our number or send an e-mail. We might be able to help. Several sufferers of pinched nerves report improvements after they receive chiropractic care.

For the past six years, Dr. Addison Bulosan has provided chiropractic care for sufferers of migraines and other kinds of upper cervical injury. For more information, contact Dr. Bulosan at (808) 866-6551, e-mail maui@thespecific.com or visit maui.thespecific.com.