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Does Siri mispronounce your friends’ names?

By Staff | Jan 30, 2020

Does Siri keep saying your friend Leah’s name as “Lee-ah” when it’s pronounced “Lay-ah?”

To fix this, say, “Hey Siri,” followed by “That’s not how you pronounce [name].” Now say your friend’s name. Siri will offer a few pronunciation options. Select the correct one.

There is a really cool app called the Clips App that is free on the App Store.

After downloading it, you can create some awesome text styles to your photo, then save it so you can e-mail it out or print it. So go try it out and have some fun with it.

Remember how easy it was to turn on a Windows 7 computer, see the start button and then easily click on the control panel to add a printer? Well, with Windows 10 it’s not that easy anymore. Yet if you miss the old startup button, there is a program free to download called OpenShell.

Open up Internet Explorer, or the Edge, and in the search box type in “Download openshell.” Now be careful what you do next. There will be a list of many websites where you can download Openshell. Only go to the website at techspot.com, or you can type in www.techspot.com, and at their website, click on the Openspell download.

After you download it, it’ll appear in your download folder, so head on over there and look for it. After double-clicking on it, the program will install itself on your computer, and after it finishes, just restart and see the new interface with a new start button.

Google Maps keeps a log of everywhere you go in its “Timeline.” This includes a creepy level of detail, like exactly when you left work, when you arrived at home, the exact route you took along the way, pictures you took in specific locations and more. It’ll show you if you were driving, walking or on a train, and any pit stops you might have made during your journey. You can see where you were on a particular day, how you got there, pictures you took at certain locations and more.

Here’s how to delete all of that data and turn off tracking entirely if you want. Open Google Maps on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap your profile picture on the top right. Choose “Your data in Maps.” Choose “See & Delete activity.” Hit the menu button on the top right of the page and select “Settings.” Choose “Delete all location history.”

Are you ready for a few cool tips using your iPhone? If you mistakenly deleted an important line of text and are ready to throw your iPhone out the window, DON’T. Just shake it and the whole line magically re-appears.

I like to read books and articles on my iPhone, but sometimes I’d just like to lay down, close my eyes and wonder what happens on the next page (what Godzilla did to Bambi). Well, I have some good news that will make your day. You can now listen to your story or article with the hidden feature called Speak Screen. It turns your eBook into an audio book. To enable this, go to Settings, Accessibility, Spoken Content, Speak Screen.

Okay… let’s try it out. Open up your story, and with two fingers scroll down from the top. A little menu pops up called HOME SCREEN. Tap the middle play button, and audio begins. To close the function, just tap the X.

When you’re reading a long article and want to go back to the top line, you don’t have to scroll up, wearing out your finger. Instead, just tap the very top of the iPhone’s screen and you’ll jump to the beginning. This shortcut works with many third-party apps, too

Old habits die hard, but you don’t need to press the period (.) key to end a sentence. When typing an e-mail or note on your iPhone, simply double-tap the spacebar, and it will put a “.” at the end of your sentence and capitalize the next word.

iPhone owners who use Maps can now share their estimated time of arrival with friends and family – so that it automatically sends them the ETA when you’re on your way to a destination. In Maps, tap the small gray line just above your arrival time. Then, hit Share ETA> Contacts. Using the feature should reduce those “Where you at?” messages.

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