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Don’t throw your Windows 7 computer off a cliff

By Staff | Jan 16, 2020

Windows just came out saying that they won’t support Windows 7 anymore. Well, don’t freak out and throw your computer out the window.

What they mean is that if you call them up and want to ask them a question about an error message or why a program stopped working, the support people will tell you that they can’t answer the question anymore. Windows 7 will not stop working, but you won’t get any more updates.

If you have Norton, AVG or any other virus protection program, then you don’t have to worry. So keep that Windows 7 computer, because it’s the best operating system they ever came out with.

Windows 10 keeps getting hacked, and almost every month the updates either crash your computer or delete your files.

You can adjust the volume of a song or video by using the buttons on the side of the iPad, or by moving the audio bar on your screen. If you’ve maxed out these options and want it louder, check your Volume Limit setting.

Go to Settings and either search for Volume Limit or navigate to “Music,” then tap “Volume Limit.” If your volume isn’t at the maximum setting, use your finger to move the button all the way to the right. This will turn the Volume Limit off. Or you can try this: go into Settings, scroll down to the Music Menu and tap EQ. Tap to select Late Night. This should make your iPad louder than its typical volume.

Sometimes I want to open up eBay, then compare prices on Amazon. With the iPhone, I have to close one app and then open up another.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have both apps open side by side? Well, I have good news. There is an app called WebDuo that will display two difference webpages side by side. Check it out!

Let’s say you flunked first grade spelling, and here you are now trying to send your boss an explanation why you didn’t show up for work. Using the Pages App on your Mac, there is a setting where the app can correct your spelling automatically, and you can see the misspelled words underlined in red.

To set this up first open up Pages, then click on Edit, Spelling and Grammar, then click on “Check Spelling While Typing” and “Correct Spelling Automatically.”

If you’re incapacitated and not able to type at this time, there is an app on the Mac called Voice Memos, where you can record your voice. So if you want to send a sober message via voice to your boss explaining what happened on New Year’s Eve during a visit at the Lahaina Police Station, this is the perfect way to do it.

Once you’re finished with your pleading audio, close the app, reopen it up, right-click on the file on the left, choose Share, Mail, type in his e-mail address and click on Send. Be sure not to attach your mug shot.

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