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My list of computer DO’s and DON’Ts

By Staff | Dec 26, 2019

Here is a list of DO’s and DO NOT’s when using a computer.

Next printer, don’t buy an inkjet – look at a laser printer. They’ve come down in price and last much longer than the inkjets.

For your e-mail, use either iCloud, Google or Hotmail.

If you use a hometown server and you move, you’re likely to lose all your e-mail. With Google or iCloud, you could vacation in Transylvania and receive your e-mail… except maybe at Castle Dracula.

Visiting websites, many people bookmark a site even though it’s a one-time visit. Well, instead of cluttering up your bookmark list, click on Bookmarks at the top and then on Add to Reading List. You can look at it later, and eventually it will go away.

Stop shutting your Mac down – just put it to sleep or close the cover. This way it can perform maintenance tasks and upgrades overnight.

Go buy an external hard drive, hook it up to your Mac and make it a Time Machine Backup Drive that will automatically back-up all your data without you doing anything. You’ll never lose any data with it hooked up, and you can go back a few months to find a document that you recently deleted.

I’ve been in the computer repair business for almost 28 years, starting with the old Tandy TRS-80 computer and all the way up the new Apple MacBook Retina. Just recently, I was able to retrieve pictures and documents off the new MacBook Pro, which has the hard drive soldered on the logic board.

My new migration tool can capture all the data off from it. So, go ahead and spill a beer on your new Mac laptop, then give me a call.

Last week, I drove over to the other side and visited the boys at the Mac Made Easy store in Kahului. Its a really nice place, and Chase, their repair man, and the rest of the crew are very friendly. We need to keep them in business, so if you’re in the market to buy a new Apple laptop, iPad or any accessories, go visit them instead of racing over to Costco, Target, Office Max or Walmart. Let’s support local businesses on our island.

One good thing about buying a MacBook Pro from Mac Made Easy is that they will service your laptop if anything goes wrong. Costco will refund your money, send it back, and you’ll lose all your pictures.

Okay, here is something you didn’t know. Using Handoff, you can copy from one device to another.

To set this up, make sure you have Bluetooth turned on both devices and on the same Wi-Fi network. On the Mac, go into System Preferences, General and click on Allow Handoff. On the iPhone have the bluetooth on with the same Wi-Fi Network, and in Settings, General, AirPlay and Handoff, click on Handoff.

Here is how it works, so for fun, give this a try. With your iPhone, open up Notepad, create a new note, then type in something like: “Remember to buy a gallon of Gallo Red Mountain Wine.” Now Swipe across the text until the line turns blue, which means you highlighted it, then click on COPY.

Okay… if that wasn’t too hard, get ready for the fun part. Now open up your Mac and start up Notepad. Create a new note, then right-click anywhere and choose Paste. Whammo! The iPhone text you copied magically appears on the Mac. This will work with many apps using your iPhone or iPad, and you’re not limited to text. You can paste photos, too.

Get ready for this one: open up your iPhone, go into photos and choose one. Click on the lower left hand corner icon that shows a box with an arrow up in it. Choose Copy Photo. Now open up your e-mail on the Mac and get it set-up so that you’re ready to send out an -mail to your Paster. Right-click anywhere in the letter area and choose Paste. The iPhone photo suddenly appears, and if it’s not you mooning your ex-girlfriend, send it out. Wasn’t that fun?

Now, in case you forgot, go out and buy that gallon of wine.

Send your computer-related questions to Mauimist@aol.com.