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Watch out for ‘Juice Jacking’ from airport charging stations

By Staff | Dec 5, 2019

Going on a trip? Beware of a new hacking scam called “Juice Jacking.” It lets hackers load malware into the airport charging stations or in cables that they leave plugged in at the stations. The malware may either lock the smartphone and hold it as hostage or forward sensitive information.

Amazon is expanding its free music streaming opportunities to its users without a Prime membership, Amazon Music Unlimited subscription or Amazon Echo.

Here is a calculator trick you might like. Let’s say you’re adding up a bunch of bar drinking tabs from the Thirsty Mongoose. Being slightly hung over from spending most of the night on the bathroom floor, you discover that you’ve entered one or a series of mistaken numbers that threaten to throw off your calculation. But no worries – with the nifty iOS Calculator app, it’s easy to backtrack without having to start all over from scratch.

To delete one error or even several erroneous numbers, just swipe left over the numerical display, and the wrong number will disappear. Did that sober you up? Now try swiping multiple times in a row.

SkinVision is an iOS and Android app that lets users assess and track skin spots for changes over time. It works by asking users to snap a photo of concerning spots on their skin using their smartphone camera. Within 30 seconds of submitting this photo for review, an artificial intelligence algorithm then delivers a risk assessment: either low, low with symptoms, or high. It does this by looking for telltale signs of skin cancer in spots, such as irregular patterns, multiple colors, asymmetry, size and uneven borders. In the event that the app raises concerns, users can then visit a medical professional to get advice on what to do next.

You’ve heard of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5G. Now it’s time to learn another wireless communication term, because Apple has built it into its new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro smartphones. The technology, ultra wideband, or UWB, lets you pinpoint the exact location of phones, key fobs and tracking tags, helping you find lost dogs or automatically unlock your car.

Satellite-based GPS is useful for finding yourself on a map but struggles with anything much more precise and indoors. UWB doesn’t have those handicaps. UWB could switch your TV from your child’s Netflix profile to yours if you find them watching adult shows. Your smart speaker could give calendar alerts only for the people in the room. Your laptop could wake up when you enter the home office.

Imagine this scenario: you leave the office, and as you near your car, receivers in its doors recognize your phone and unlock the vehicle for you. When you get out of the car at home, the receivers recognize you’re no longer in the vehicle and lock the doors.

With U1 and iOS 13, you can point your iPhone toward someone else’s, and AirDrop will prioritize that device so you can share files faster. And that’s just the beginning!

Now with the new software updates for all Mac computers and iPhones, you can listen to any radio station for free. On the Mac, open up the Music app and click on Radio. In the search box above, you can type in the radio station name – like KRAP – or type in a town, city or state to get many more.

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