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Neat photo options on your iPhone

By Staff | Nov 21, 2019

There is a cool feature on the iPhone when you click on the Camera to take a picture – it gives you an option to take a Pano shot or a really big wide angle shot.

Instead of holding your iPhone straight out and slowly turning in a circle until you get dizzy or your arm becomes numb, and then trying to hold level and still, you can now move it up and down. So you can take a wide angle of your feet and end up in the clouds.

Another great feature of the iPhone is that you can change the brightness and contrast before you take a picture. That comes in real handy when you’re in a dark space.

I often wonder what’s taking up all that space on my hard drive and which files I need to delete that are hogging up and slowing down my Mac. Here is a simple way to find those clunker files and delete them.

Click on the Apple icon on the top left and choose About this Mac. Then choose Storage, then Manage. It takes a couple of seconds, but all of a sudden, a list will pop up on the left-hand side with Applications, Documents, iCloud Drive, Mail, and Messages. Click on Documents and you can see the Date and Size of each file. Right-click on any file and choose Delete.

Awhile back, I mentioned a new feature called Continuity Camera. With the new iOS 13.2 update, you can now sketch something on your iPhone, and it will appear in many apps on your Mac computer, like Notes, Pages, E-mails and Reminders.

Basically, this new feature beats taking a photo that places it in your photo album. Then if you want to place that photo or insert it in an e-mail, you have go through a thousand processes, wearing out your fingers and destroying your mouse.

So, let’s give this a try… you’ll be amazed how much fun it can be. Let’s open up the Notes app on your Mac, and at the top click on the icon that is a square with a pencil inside it to open up a new note. Make sure your Mac and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi router. Click on the blank right side and type in something like: “This is a picture and a sketch I’m gonna insert.” Okay, that wasn’t too hard. Here comes the fun part.

On the top right is a weird icon that looks like a square with a small mountain inside it. Click on it, and a menu pops down. Click on Take a Photo. Pick up your iPhone, and miraculously the camera is turned on and ready for you to press the button to take a photo. So don’t just stare at it… take a shot. Now a message appears asking you if you want to use it. Go ahead and click on it.

You better be sitting down and ready to be blown away, because that photo is now appearing on the Notes app page. Okay, after a few breaths, let’s add more excitement and put a sketch on it, too. Go ahead and click on that weird square box again; a menu pops down so you can choose Sketch.

Pick up your iPhone, and a new screen appears with all kinds of pencils. Just choose one, and with your finger draw something or change styles or colors. Now don’t get carried away and try and paint a Picasso. When you’re all tired out, click on done and whammy! The sketch appears on the same page in Notes that your photo is.

WAIT… don’t go to sleep just yet. The best part is about to happen. Go ahead and click on the weird icon on the top to see the drop down list; now choose Scan Document. We’re going to scan a document. Bust out the last three divorce papers and choose one. Lay it down flat after you get all the crinkles and spilled beer off of it. On the drop down menu, choose Scan – all of a sudden, your iPhone asks you to position the phone over the paper. Press the big white button and move the edges with your finder to position the document within the boundaries. Then click save – the scanned document shows up in the Notes page with the photo and sketch. Now go have a beer.

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