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Fun ways to edit photos

By Staff | Oct 18, 2019

Here’s a neat trick using the Preview App to cut out an image from your Mac’s Photos album, choosing your stepmother and pasting her it into another photo – like in the Post Office’s “Most Wanted List.” Let’s try it out.

Open up your Photo app, choose an image and click on it. Now right-click on it, and a menu pops up allowing you to choose “edit with;” choose Preview. The image now appears in the Preview app. At the top is the icon of a circle with an “A” in it. Just click on it, and it shows the Markup tool bar. The first icon that looks like an outlined square is the Selection Tool with four options. Choose the Smart Lasso and press your mouse and drag it around an object in the photo like a face or hat. The red line surrounds the image. When done, a white line encloses your image. Now click on Edit, Copy.

This next part is really cool, so get ready for some fun. Now open up another photo from your Photo app and again right-click on it, then choose “Edit With” then “Preview.” With two photos side by side, you can now click on the new image you just opened. At the top, choose Edit, Paste; the image you just outlined in red then turned to white lines that will now appear in the new image. Afterwards, stay out of the P.O for a month.

Here’s a security option you might want to try. Downing ten margaritas at the Clean Monkey Bar, then stumbling out to your car, you left your laptop in the bathroom and someone finds it. How are they going to know whose laptop it is? Well, if you had set up a feature in your Settings, they’ll be able to find out who owns it .

Open up System Preferences on your MacBook and choose Security and Privacy. Click on the orange padlock and put in your password so you can make changes. Now click on the “Show a message when the screen is locked,” then click on “Set lock message.” Now you can type in your name (“Elwood P. Suggins”) and phone number (808-555-2222). So when the bar’s bouncer finds and powers up your Mac, the first screen that pops up is your name and phone number.

Apple has five built-in security functions that will help you call “HELP 911” or find your lost iPhone. Go into the iPhone Settings, Emergency SOS and click on “Call with Side Button” and “Auto Call.” While you’re there, scroll down and click on “Set up Emergency Contacts in Health” and add all the important information, including an emergency contact. To use the SOS function, just hold down the side volume button for five seconds or press the side button five times quickly. Once you initiate SOS, your location is shared and also shared with emergency services.

Your iPhone is automatically locked until you physically type in your four-digit password, so nobody can use your phone. If someone finds your iPhone and tries to unlock it, they’ll get a screen with the emergency button on the left hand side, and if they tap on it, your number shows up. Another way is to edit a photo of yourself in Photos, then add your phone number using the Mark up with text. Next, save it and use it for your phone’s wallpaper. So, when you first turn on the iPhone, your photo appears along with your number.

If you want to share your location with your friends, or find them, there is an App called “Find Friend” which shows their location on a map. Your friends also need to set up their Find Friend App with your name in it to work. But the easiest way to share your location with a friend is using the Message app. Open up iMessage, tap on their name at the top, tap on the “I” for information, then “Send my Current Location” or “Share my Location,” which sets a time.

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