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New Apple Watch features can help you track your health

By Staff | Sep 12, 2019

The Apple Watch has certainly come a long way in recent years when it comes to its health-tracking capabilities.

The latest model, the Apple Watch Series 4, comes with a heart sensor for conducting an electrocardiogram test, which can help spot irregular heartbeats. The new software launching for the Apple Watch this fall – which will be available for older models, too – should bring several wellness-oriented enhancements, such as the ability to natively track women’s-health metrics. Apple is said to be testing sleep-tracking capabilities for future versions of its smart watch . The software update will bring new features, such as a standalone App Store and new wellness metrics like hearing health.

Here is something that can be very useful if you need to send a bunch of pictures or documents to a client, firm or a friend. The new Mac OS Catalina and iPhone iOS 13 coming out in a few months has this new feature called iCloud Drive Shared Folders. If you’re a realtor and need to send pictures of a home up for sale to a new client, this can be a life saver. Or if you want to send your new wedding photos to your ex-wife, this can be PAY BACK. You could also send a pile of divorce documents to your lawyer.

So, how do you send a bunch of photos at the same time instead of one at a time? First off, you have to create a file in your iCloud drive. Let’s start off using your MacBook by opening up the Finder on the bottom left and clicking on iCloud Drive, where the new folder will be created. Now, at the top left corner, click on File and choose Create Folder. Let’s call this folder “X-Wife.” That’s the folder that will contain the photos you want to share. Wasn’t that easy and fun to do?

By pressing the CONTROL Key and left-click at the same time on the X-Wife folder, you need to choose Share. A menu pops down that gives you the option to use E-mail, Message or Add People. Let’s choose Add People, then choose Messages. On this menu, you have the option to Only Invite People you know and let them either view the folder or let them make changes. Okay, so let’s choose Messages. Don’t fall asleep, and stop asking, “What the heck are we gonna do next after all this clicking?” Simple… just click on Share.

The next screen showing up could cause you to start drinking again, but don’t freak out. In the TO:No recipient box, just type in a person’s name who is in your contact list. The bottom lines that look like text out of a Greek Driver’s License Manual is basically a created website link that the person on the other end receives that will allow him or her to open and see the photos or documents.

Now, after re-reading this article 20 times over, taking two Excedrins and drinking three martinis, you’ll ask yourself how you are going to put photos or documents in this newly created iCloud drive folder that you are going to send. By opening up the Photo App and displaying all your photos, you can select the ones you want, then save them to the iCloud drive folder that you created. You need to do this FIRST, then follow the instructions ABOVE to send them out.

So, basically, this is not too complicated to do if you’re SOBER, and in the long run you can send out a bunch of photos or documents that will let people view or alter them, whereas before you couldn’t do this until the new software update comes out.

So, you’re thinking, “Thanks George; that’s nice and all, but how am I going to use this, since it hasn’t come out yet?”

Well, Bucko, just save this issue – don’t wrap up your dead fish in it until the new software comes out next month. Then you can play around and try it out.

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