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Let’s have some fun this issue!

By Staff | Aug 1, 2019

With this issue, why don’t we have some fun?

Remember that special photo you took from your car window leaving Happy Valley, and the sky looks all white instead of blue? Well, don’t blow a head gasket and throw your iPhone out the window. We can fix that blemished photo so you can still frame it and staple it next to your front door.

First you need to fire up your Mac and open up Photos. Locate the photo of Happy Valley and click on it. Happy Valley springs up, bringing back that special memory of the day, so let’s get that sky back to blue. Click on Edit and a menu pops up on the side. Wow! Look at all the things you can do.

Let’s scroll down to Select Color and click on it. Underneath it are the main colors, so choose blue. Great. You’re ready to paint the sky. This is where the fun begins by sliding your mouse left or right over Hue, then over Saturation and finally Luminance. Don’t be scared – go ahead and try it.

Are you seeing blue yet? Now if you’re feeling dangerous, let’s try a few of the other adjustments, like White Balance or play around with Curves. When you’re done smiling, click on Done and print it out.

This next tip saves me a lot of time every time I have to type out my e-mail address. So I made a Short Cut, and when a blank line appears for me to type out my personal e-mail address, I just type in “@@” and it inserts Mauimist8669@yahoo.com for me. Wanna learn how I did that?

Okay, on your iPhone, open up Settings, General, and Keyboard. Click on Text Replacement, then on the plus sign. Next to Phrase, type in your e-mail address, and under Shortcut, type in @@. Now, when something asks for your e-mail address, just type in @@, and your e-mail address shows up. Click on it, and it’s automatically filled in. Cool, yeah?

When I get an iMessage and need to respond quickly, I just hit the microphone icon on the bottom right and talk away. If you need to stop speaking, just tap the Keyboard icon on the bottom. Dictation reliability has gotten much better over the years and rarely misunderstands a word I say.

On Maui, we have so many ethnic people speaking Spanish, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Chinese and German that if you type in one of their words in Notes or iMessage, you get &%*^^#$ for “Hello.” Well, guess what? Now you can tell your friends that you speak three foreign languages and get a pat on the back and a few free shots of Jim Bean.

Let’s go to Settings, General, Dictionary, and tap on any Dictionary you want. Why don’t we choose Spanish? Open up your Message app, tap on the microphone and say “Buenos Dias.” Double WOW!!! It printed out “Buenos Dias” instead of “Bone and Days.”

Do you keep getting weather alerts at 5:20 in the morning, or a message saying you need to pay your garbage bill? Well, now you can turn off those annoying notifications so you can sleep in until 9:00 every morning.

On the iPhone, click on Settings, then Do Not Disturb. Check on it, then on Always. To set up a schedule, click on Scheduled and type in (From) a time and (To) a time. Thanks to me, you can now sleep well!

Okay, this is the last tip, and you’re going to like this one. Let’s say you’re typing out an e-mail to your ex-wife and your girlfriend shows up. If you’re like me, “faster than Superman,” TURN OFF your phone. Now, had you went into Settings, General and clicked on the Handoff an E-mail icon, it would have appeared on the far left of the dock on your Mac when you got home. Clicking on it would have brought up the unfinished e-mail you started up on your iPhone before Gertrude showed up.

Since she’s not around, just click on it and finish telling your ex-wife you’re getting married again!

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