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How to add captions to your photos

By Staff | Jul 25, 2019

Wouldn’t it be cool to add text and captions to your photos? Using the built-in Markup extension tool in your Photo app allows you to do this, and you can also add speech bubbles, lines and other elements.

Using the Preview app, you can basically do the same thing, but let’s just open up the Photo app on your Mac and find the icon with the circle that has three dots inside it next to the circle with the (I) inside it. Click on it; that opens up “Mark Up,” where you can now use the tools to add text and other cool things.

Here are a couple of tricks you can use in Safari. Tapping on the spacebar will advance you to the next page. Pressing the down arrow key scrolls you down line by line. Pressing the Command key and the down arrow key takes you the bottom of the web page.

My daughter, Jennifer, the Watch Guru, wanted to know if you’ve ever left the house and realized you left your iPhone at home?

Let’s just pretend that happened. If you have your watch on, you can still send and receive text messages and make and answer phone calls.

Let’s say you get home and your phone is not where you thought it was. Before you panic, just ask your watch to find it for you.

Your watch will send a signal to your iPhone, and your iPhone will beep (so you can track it where you left it by the pool when you took that midnight swim).

Your watch can also customize your needs. If the dial button is on the outer right side and your finger gets tired from using it, you can take the band off, flip the watch and place the dial where your thumb has better access. Then go to Watch Settings and change the orientation and the Dial Setting. Replace the band, and your watch now is reversed and easier to use. People say we are creatures with opposable thumbs, after all!

If you’re at the movies and a Zombie starts to sneak around the corner and grab the main character – and suddenly your watch starts to vibrate and ring, causing you to jump in your seat – just place your hand over the watch screen and it will go into silent mode. You can also just swipe up while on the watch face and scroll until you see the double mask icon. Click it. This will silence your watch and also keep it from lighting up if you move your wrist. When the movie is over and the good guys have once again saved the world from a Zombie invasion, you can press the side dial – now with your thumb – and the icon will appear. Click it off and back to full function.

We’ve been using the Mojave operating system on our Mac laptops for the past year, and now we’re about ready to upgrade to Catalina, the new OS system for Apple computers. It has some really cool features.

The old iTunes app you’re accustomed to will be broken up into three separate sections. Your music will be under a special app called “Music;” don’t worry – you won’t lose any of your downloaded music. The new “TV app” will hold all of your videos and TV shows.

The Dashboard is being junked, so don’t freak out. The worst part of this upgrade is that all your old 32-bit apps won’t run on Catalina. That means you have to upgrade or buy a newer version.

So what Macs will be able to run Catalina? Here is a list of all the Apple computers: iMac 2012 and later, Macbook Pro 2013 and later, and Macbook Air 2012 and later. You can check the year and model of your Mac by clicking on the Apple logo on the top left of your computer screen, then choose “About this Mac.”

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