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Amazing new options coming out with the iOS 13 update

By Staff | Jun 27, 2019

Wow! Get ready for a good one. There is a lot of new stuff coming out soon for the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. This new software update iOS 13 is amazing. There is so much that they’ll need to write a 300-page book on it, but I’m just going to go over the best ones that I think you could use every day.

App updates no longer have their own tab in the App Store. Now, they appear inside your account panel (the one where your face picture or head icon appears to access your Account, Previous Purchases and More).

The updates tab has been replaced by Apple Arcade. Now you can delete apps right from the update list.

Long-press any kind of file in iPad OS, and you’ll get a contextual menu with a small menu that pops down offering features such as Copy, Delete, Quick Look, Share, Markup and Rename.

Now, you can setup your display in Dark Mode. You gotta try this one. It will blow your mind. Dark mode is a long-requested feature that darkens the iPhone’s user interface, providing better contrast and easier viewing at times when you may not want to look at a bright screen.

There are a bunch of new features coming to Apple Maps later this year, including the ability to view detailed information about your upcoming flight.

In iOS 13, Apple Maps will display up-to-date data about your flight terminal, gate location and departure time.

Did you know the iPhone has an option to limit ad tracking? Well, it does, but you have to make sure it’s turned on. Head back to Settings > Privacy, and then scroll down to Advertising. Select “Limit Ad Tracking” to toggle the feature on. While you’re there, go ahead and hit “Reset Advertising Identifier.”

The mobile hotspot built into the iPhone gets some real improvements in iOS 13. iPads can connect automatically and stay connected even when asleep.

Apple promises the tablet can “automatically connect to your nearby iPhone personal hotspot when there’s no internet connection available.”

This new iOS 13 coming out will also have one called iPad OS that will make the iPad more like a desktop computer, and the Safari will be exactly like a desktop Safari browser instead of a Mobile one. You can also use a USB thumb drive on the iPad.

iTunes will be broken up into three apps: the Music, Podcast and Apple TV apps.

Side Car is the ability to use the iPad as a second monitor with your notebook. The very best of all is now iOS apps are coming to your Mac Laptop. All those iPhone games can be played on the desktop.

Find my Apps will be used on the iPhone, iPad and MacBooks. There will also be better dictation, and Siri will have a new smoother voice.

Watch iOS 6 will make the Apple Watch more independent from the iPhone. It will have native apps like iBooks, Voice Memos and Calculator plus its own App Store icon. Apple will also be able to let you use the Xbox.

iPods will allow audio sharing.

I hate signing in with Facebook or Google when I want to buy something or go to another site. Now you’ll be able to just sign with Apple, which will be much safer, more private and not share the information.

I have more to share in the next articles.

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