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How to use Hot Corners

By Staff | Jun 20, 2019

On my iMac, I use what is called Hot Corners to bring up and show all my Application icons. Otherwise, I’d have to click on GO at the top line, then Applications and then on the Icon to open up a program. But now I have an easier way to open up a program.

First click on Settings, Mission Control, and at the bottom is Hot Corners. Click on it and four spaces show up pertaining to the four corners on your desktop. On the bottom, left-click on the up and down arrows to choose Launchpad, then click on OK. That’s it. When you move your mouse to the bottom left corner, it automatically opens up a screen displaying all your programs.

While you’re at it, ask yourself, “What does Mission Control do?” Well, it’s pretty cool, too. It will display all your open windows at once. In other words, if you have Safari, Word, Chrome and Firefox all opened, you can see them all displayed separately on your desktop by pressing the Control key and the up arrow. Try it out and see if it works.

Pressing the Command and the Tab keys at the same time will display a menu with all the programs you have working, and you have to click and choose one to open it up. I don’t like that way, so the Mission Control works better.

Here is a really cool thing to remember. Let’s say you went to to Rush Limburger’s website, fell asleep after three minutes and can’t remember what he said. If you open up Safari and press and hold the + sign at the top right , a list of recently visited sites opens up. He’s listed at the top.

There is a new Wi-Fi router coming out soon called WI-FI 6 or 802-11ax, but don’t get freaked out by the name. What it does is make your Internet faster by about 50 percent.

Actually your router can’t handle more than four people or a bunch of devices on at the same time. Each device has to wait in line for the next one to finish its task, but WI-FI 6 will now allow eight devices connecting to the router. So what that means is your network is not going to see delays because of congestion and speed collapse when more than four people are hooked up to the network. It means WI-FI 6 can handle the load.

I have an iPad Mini and just love it. I use it to read books, get news updates, send messages and open my e-mails.

With the new IOS 12.3 upgrade, the Notes app on the iPad has the ability to do so much more than ever. So here are some of the new features for the Notes app. If you want to change the text style, click on the “Aa” symbol. The best thing I like is to select any text, and a menu pops up allowing you to Cut, Copy, Paste, Replace, Look up, Speak, Share and Spell. On the right side of the keyboard and above is a circle with a check in it, which will create a Check List, but the next button with a circle with a + sign in it allows you to Scan A Document, Take a Picture or Video (or get one from your photo library), and then even Add A Sketch. Why use Microsoft Word when Notes can pretty much do the same?

I just downloaded a new App called Split Screen on my iPhone. Check it out. You can display two programs at the same time on your desktop.

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