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Useful keyboard shortcuts

By Staff | May 30, 2019

Many people don’t realize the potential of using keyboard shortcuts to perform many tasks. Here are a few that you might want to use.

Let’s say you have Safari opened up and Microsoft Word. To switch between both, just click on COMMAND + TAB. To delete a word, use OPTION + DELETE.

Here is a good one if you flunked spelling in the third grade. Let’s say you want to spell “cosmetic.” Start typing “cosme…,” then hit OPTION + ESCAPE; a list of words shows up. Choose the correct word and hit RETURN.

Speaking of RETURN, if you want to rename the file “You Better Pay Me.doc” to “Pretty Please Pay Me.doc,” just click on it, hit RETURN then type in the new one.

If you’re using speak to text or dictation, Apple has a free one built in. You can also download Google Docs and use that one, too.

To set the Apple one up, go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Dictation, and make sure Dictation is turned ON. Also click on Use Enhanced Dictation.

Now, let’s try it out. Open up either Microsoft Word or Text Edit and create a new sheet. Tap the FUNCTION key twice, and it brings up a microphone icon with DONE underneath it. Well, don’t just sit there, Bucko – start talking! When done, just click on DONE.

Now the other option is to first download Google Chrome, Create a Gmail Account, then sign in. Then go to docs.google.com and click on Tools up above, then on Voice Typing. Well, that looks like a real hassle, doesn’t it? Just go ahead and use the Apple one that has built-in dictation.

My customers always ask me if they should shut down their Mac computer if you’re not using it. The answer is NO. Don’t shut it down, because in the background it’s constantly downloading and upgrading, doing software updates and maintenance. Just put it to sleep.

Why spend a fortune on Microsoft Word when you can use Pages for free? Excel? Use Numbers instead. Just download it free from the App Store.

Does your boss complain that he gets “butt calls” from you all the time? Try these simple things so that you won’t get canned the next day. In your iPhone settings, turn off “Tap to Wake” in Settings, General Accessibility. While you’re at it, turn off “Raise to Wake” in Settings, Display & Brightness. Friday’s paycheck is 100 percent guaranteed now!!

Great news: soon the mouse will now connect to the iPad via its USB-C port.

Get this Windows fans Microsoft will block the new Windows 10 May 2019 Update on PCs that use USB storage or SD cards. Workaround: users must remove any USB storage device and SD card and restart the May 2019 Update installation.

Apple News+ launched on March 25, which means that people who immediately signed up for a free trial are about to get their first monthly bill for $10. WHAT THE &*^% is that about?

Apple’s iOS 13 update will usher in a new dark mode option that makes it easier to view the screens on iPhones or iPads at night, which users can turn on via the Settings menu.

Apple is developing a new app that will combine the features of “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends.” The new version will also make it possible to track lost devices (even when they’re offline), and the company is said to be working on a Tile-like Bluetooth tracker to help users find lost items as well.

Among the many new features reportedly coming to the iPad this year is a new UNDO gesture, which users will be able to access by tapping on the keyboard with three fingers and swiping.

In iOS 13, Apple’s Safari web browser will be smart enough to pull up the desktop version of a website on the iPad rather than the mobile one.

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