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Amazing iPhone tips and tricks

By Staff | May 9, 2019

In this issue, I’ll show you some amazing tips and tricks using the iPhone. The first one that I really use a lot is “Search.”

By swiping your finger down in the middle of the iPhone screen, it brings up the search bar at the top. Let’s say that you want to open up Facebook. Just type in the first three letters, “FAC,” and immediately a list of the words starting with FAC pulls up. You’ll eventually see Facebook listed. Click and it opens up.

Let’s say that you want to change a setting on your iPhone. Open up the Settings icon, and at the top is the search bar, where you could, for instance, type in “SOUNDS.” A menu pops up with all kind of settings for Sounds.

This next one can be very useful if you get a lot of Robo and Spam calls. Set up a custom alert or a specific sound for your phone Contacts lists all of your personal phone numbers. So if your ex-wife is constantly calling, you’ll know from the song “19th Nervous Breakdown” that it’s her without looking at the phone number.

To do this, click on Contacts, choose her name, tap on Edit, and down below is Ringtone that says Default. Click on it and choose one that she hates. You can do the same for texts if she decides to text you. Use a different one, like “You can’t always get what you want.”

Let’s say you can’t read the tiny bottom line of your new timeshare contract that says you need to pay an extra $1429.30 every year for bathroom supplies. You can’t even and read it with your Coke bottle glasses on. Now don’t throw a tantrum, Bucko. Just click on the Camera icon on your iPhone, position it over the bottom line and spread your fingers to magnify the words. Now you can get mad!

I hate the notifications I’m getting all the time on my iPhone. To get rid of them, just swipe your finger over one and to the left side, then click on Manage. “Turn off” is the one I use all the time.

If you’re looking for a song but don’t know its name, just type lyrics into the Search tab in the Apple Music App.

“Do Not Disturb While Driving” can be activated in your Control Center. With this feature turned on, your phone will immediately toggle Do Not Disturb if it senses you’re speeding in your car racing past the Lahainaluna exit on the bypass. Notifications, texts and phone calls are muted instantly, and you have an option to send a pre-written reply to let others know you’re on the road and will get back to them soon.

There are two ways to use Do Not Disturb. You can switch it on at a moment’s notice, such as when you’re walking into a movie theater, or have it automatically turn on every day, such as at bedtime. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pull up the Control Center. If you have an iPhone X or later, or have an iPad with iOS 12 or later, you should instead swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen to pull down the Control Center. Tap the Do Not Disturb icon. Do Not Disturb is now turned on – and no notifications will bother you – until you return to the Control Center and tap the icon to turn it off.

If you want to further customize Do Not Disturb, deep press the icon when you turn it on. You’ll have three choices: to enable it for an hour, until the evening or until you leave your current location.

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