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Have Siri help you with reminders

By Staff | Apr 18, 2019

Let’s say you want to buy a special kind of zit face cream, and you’re too lazy to keep looking up the website every time. Well, I have a trick that will help to remove those pimples so that you can buy more and still date your new girlfriend.

Just ask Siri to save it. Open up Zitface.com, and when the page appears, say: “Hey Siri”… “Remind me about this webpage in one hour.” Now open up the Reminder app and you’ll see the webpage name and a Safari circle icon.

Clicking on the Safari circle icon will reopen the webpage, so you can buy more.

This also works in Maps. Just open up the Maps app, and in the search box, type in Happy Valley, Maui. The map opens up. Now tell Siri, “Remind me about this location in one hour.”

Let’s say that you like to open up your divorce document once a week to celebrate. Now you can click on Finder, Documents, click on XWife.doc and tell Siri to, “Remind me about this file in one hour.”

The document is now placed in the Reminder, so go pour yourself a drink, wait an hour, and if you’re still sober, go party. Or if you can’t wait, open up Reminder and click on the tiny Finder icon.

Windows 10 can split the screen when two programs are opened.

Using Windows 10, you can click in the middle of the lower task bar; a menu pops up allowing you to choose Stacks or Side by Side to split the screen when using two different programs.

Well, with the Mac it’s called Split View, and all you have to do when two apps are opened is to just click and hold on the green circle on the top left (the screen automatically divides).

One side is kinda blue, and you can drag one window over to right side and release it.

Your iPhone doesn’t let you “Select All” to delete all your photos and videos, but there is a workaround.

You can select all of your photos manually by opening up your “All Photos” folder, tapping “Select,” lightly tapping the last photo and then swiping across and up the screen selecting photos.

Even if you delete all of your photos from your iPhone, you can still access them if you use iCloud storage.

Now my daughter wants to put her five cents in about using her iWatch. Here ya go, honey Now that I’ve had my iWatch for a few months, I don’t know how I could ever live without it.

I changed the watch face from Mickey Mouse to an analog watch face with quick links to my apps, the Breathe App and the weather.

You can change and personalize the watch face to just about anything you can imagine.

The watch links to my iPhone, so I can control videos or music while I am listening to or watching them on my phone.

This is very useful when I have to quickly pause a video or control the volume.

Used along with the air buds, it makes it very convenient and hands-free. The watch operates much like the phone. You can close apps by swiping left. Go to the watch app on the phone and add or delete apps.

The one downside to the watch is that it needs to be charged daily. If I don’t set it on the charger at the end of the day, the battery life doesn’t last throughout the next day. Perhaps I should delete some apps I don’t use and see if that extends battery life. Check back and I will let you know if that helped.

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