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More information on the Windows 10 update coming out in April

By Staff | Mar 7, 2019

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This is my second article on the new Windows 10 update coming out in April. You might like to print this out and experiment with some of the cool functions.

Windows can perform recommended troubleshooting in the background, too. To control whether this happens, head to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Feedback. Under Recommended Troubleshooting, select “Ask me before fixing problems,” “Tell me when problems get fixed,” or “Fix problems for me without asking.” By default, Windows 10 is set to ask.

Microsoft has added new Emojis to Windows 10 in preparation. As always, you can press Windows + . (period) to open the Emoji panel anywhere in Windows 10. They’re also available on the touch keyboard.

File Explorer now shows “friendly dates” by default. So, rather than dates like “1/23/2019,” you’ll see dates like “Yesterday,” “Tuesday,” “January 11,” and “February 16, 2019.”

The Storage Settings page has been redesigned a bit, too. Head to Settings > System > Storage to see a breakdown of how your space is used. You can click each category to find actions that will help free up space.

Windows Update has had “Active Hours” since the Anniversary Update. You can tell Windows when you’re using your PC, and it won’t automatically restart your PC during these hours. This option is available at Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Change Active Hours.

There’s now a new, globe-shaped icon that appears when your PC doesn’t have any Internet connection. Windows now has a microphone status icon, too. This icon appears in your notification when an application is using your microphone.

The Windows Security app – Windows 10’s built-in antivirus and security application – now has a redesigned “Protection History” pane. It shows you more information about detected threats and available actions.

Microsoft is also enabling the “Fix Scaling for Apps” option by default. This will help fix blurry applications on high-DPI displays.

Windows now lets you choose a cursor color and size. You can make the cursor larger and change its color, making it easier to see. Head to Settings > Ease of Access > Cursor & Pointer to see available options.

Cortana + Microsoft To Do: Cortana now adds your reminders and tasks to lists in Microsoft To-Do. So, when you tell Cortana to add milk to your grocery list, you’ll see milk appear on the “Grocery” list in the Microsoft To-Do app.

Download Folder Sorting: Windows 10’s Downloads folder will be sorted by “most recent” by default, which puts your most recently downloaded folders on top.

Microsoft is adding native support for the RAW image format often used by professional photographers to Windows 10. Open the Microsoft Store and install the “Raw Image Extension” package to use it.

When signing into Windows 10 with a PIN, you can click the “I Forgot My PIN” link, and you’ll see a new, streamlined interface for resetting your PIN right from the welcome screen.

The “Reset This PC” interface that resets your PC to its original state was redesigned a bit and now requires fewer clicks to go through.

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