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Want to watch movie trailers ad-free?

By Staff | Feb 14, 2019

Nowadays, you have to view a bunch of ads before watching a video clip, especially movie trailers. Boy! Do have some good news.

Open up Safari or Firefox, and in the address bar above, type in Trailers.apple.com. At the site, just click on any movie trailer and enjoy it ad-free.

You can also ask Siri to look up a trailer for you. “Hey Siri, show me the movie trailer “Godzilla vs. Bambi.” Beware: it’s a three-second trailer with warnings of extreme graphics and parental guidance suggested!

Sometimes when you go to print out a webpage filled with pictures and graphics, you get a mess of browser navigation buttons, banners and ads. But if you switch to Reader View, it’s displayed mostly in text.

To do that, just click on View at the top of your screen and select View Reader. You can also save the page as a PDF and open it in Preview to print it.

Speaking of those annoying ads and pop-ups you get on your Mac, you also get annoying notifications that appear on the top right of the screen.

Well, there’s a good way to get rid of those notifications. The best way is to open up Settings, click on Notifications and scroll down to see a list of all your apps; next, click on the app you want to remove the Notifications.

You’ll have three different options: None, Banners and Alerts. By choosing None, you’ll never see a notification show up for that App again.

There is an option in your Mail program that allows you to display your personal signature, which is displayed on all your e-mails that you create.

I never used it but decided to try it out. It’s actually really cool.

Here’s how simple it is to set up and use. First open up your Mail program, click on Mail on the top left, then Preferences, then slide over to Signatures. A menu pops up displaying all the e-mail Accounts on the right side. I have iCloud, Aol, Google and Yahoo Accounts showing.

The next column over has Signature #1 displaying in it, and the third column is blank. If you click on the + sign, instantly your name and e-mail address show up in the third column.

That sure saved you time from typing all that in. You’re almost done, but get ready for some fun changes.

If you want to rename the Signature #1 to something else, like “my signature,” you can click on it, and it turns blue. Just back space and type in your new Signature Name.

Guess what? You can also edit and change your name or e-mail address in the third column, too.

Place your mouse over the .com and backspace, which deletes the letters. When finished, look over on the first column at all of your e-mail account name. Underneath it shows “0 signatures,” which means that all the work you did to change the signature name in the middle column and modifying the e-mail address in the third column hasn’t accomplished anything yet.

Don’t give up and start calling me names. All you have to do is click on the middle column (signature name) that you created and drag and release it over to each e-mail address on the first column.

Now if you look at the first column under each e-mail name, it should show “1 signature” instead of “0 signature.”

Are you happy now?

By tapping the + sign again, you can create another different signature and use it on any one of your e-mail accounts. Try it out by creating a new e-mail, and on the far right is a box labeled (Signature) with (none) in it.

Click on the arrow key and choose your new signature name. It automatically appears!

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