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How to refine Netflix searches

By Staff | Jan 31, 2019

Hey folks, do you use Netflix to stream your movies like I do? Do you get confused on how to search for a specific movie? Well, I have some good news, so you can sleep better at night and not worry about how to find your favorite flick: “Godzilla vs Bambi.”

On your computer, open up Firefox or Safari , then type in Netflix-codes.com. A big menu pops up allowing you to choose a bunch of categories, like Action, Music, Thrillers, Documentaries and more. Go ahead and pick one. I’m gonna choose “Thrillers 8933” and click on “Steamy Thrillers 972.” A bunch of Steamies show up for you to choose. Just click on one, like “Under the Skin,” sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy.

Do you keep getting calls that your 1965 Ford Edsel’s warranty has expired? Even worse, the number begins with 808, and you’re thinking it might be from your ex-girlfriend begging you to come back. Well, I have some more good news for all those robo calls you’re getting, so that you won’t have to throw your phone into Lahaina Harbor.

OS developer Sean Harding recently released an app called No Neighbor, and it typically costs $0.99 in Apple’s iOS App Store. For the time being, however, it’s free. The app is quite simple, and yet it’s one of the most effective tools with the ongoing quest to stop spam calls. Please note that No Neighbor sends ALL calls with the same area code and prefix number to voicemail. This means that if you have legitimate friends or family with 808 phone numbers, their calls will also go directly to voicemail. No Neighbor works only with phone numbers from the U.S. and Canada, so try it out.

By the way, my personal phone number, (808) 280-5055, is not a robo scammer number calling you back and explaining how to press “ANY KEY” on your keyboard.

Mophie, an industry leader in smartphone accessories, announced its new and improved battery cases for all the latest iPhones. Called the Juice Pack Access, the cases have a 2,200-mAh battery and can wireless charge, meaning you can stick them right on your charging pad and it’ll charge both the case and the iPhone. The neat thing is that they leave the Lightning Port exposed, so users can still use their wired, Lighting headphones. Mophie’s new cases cost $120 and will be available sometime in a few weeks.

A person asked me how to stop signing in every time he leaves his Windows 10 open while he visits the bathroom. Okay, here’s how to do it. Stop unrolling Charmin Ultra Strong, head over and turn your PC on. Click on Start, and in the search box, type in Screen Saver. Now click on Change Screen Saver, where you can adjust the Settings. There you can choose to turn ON or OFF your Screen Saver. Now you’refree to hightail it back to the bathroom.

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