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Use Voice Memos to make reminder lists

By Staff | Dec 6, 2018

You now have a Voice Memos app on the Mac. That means you can record your voice, music and even lectures and save it to small clips.

When finished recording, you can click on the upper right corner box next to Edit that has an arrow in it and send it to your Mail, Messages, Notes, Air Drop and Reminders.

To find and use Voice Memos, you must click on the Finder on the bottom left, then click on Applications. Voice Memos is near the bottom of the list. If you need to make a reminder list of things to do, this app comes in real handy.

Are you ready for a really good one? You now have what is called Quick Actions in the Finder. Open up the Finder on the bottom left. At the top are small box icons; the fourth one over will bring up Quick Actions. So let’s try this one out to see how it works (you’ll love this new feature).

Click on the Finder on the bottom of your screen and then click on the Pictures icon on the left side. All your photos show up on the folder. Let’s click on the fourth icon box on the top, the Quick Actions icon, and now all your photos are lined up in a row on the bottom. Using your right arrow key, you can display another one. Double-clicking on the photo displays it in the Preview app, where you can edit and change many cool things.

But guess what? Now you don’t have to open up the Preview or Photo app anymore to make or edit changes. Just use the Quick Action mode.

But first let’s make some small changes so you can do all this. Quit Finder then reopen it up. Click View at the top, click on Show View Options, click on Show Preview Column and also click on Show Icon Preview. That’s it. So now were ready for the fun part.

Let’s click on Finder, Pictures and choose a photo. Click on the fourth icon box over, which is Quick Action. Once opened, look to the bottom far right and see the options to Edit the selected photo (like Rotate Left, Markup and more). Clicking on the More button allows you to create a PDF file or Customize. This is just a simple way to edit a photo without going into the Photo or the Preview App, which of course allows you to do much more. You can even edit a video file to crop or trim using Quick Actions.

Now when you compose an e-mail in Mojave, you have the option to add an Emoji by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner. A new feature that Mojave has given us is something I really like. On the dock is a section to the left of the Trash icon. If you start up a program, that program’s icon instantly appears there. When you close the program, it remains there, so that if you want to restart that program, just click on it. So that area keeps the most recent program’s icon that you opened, and it’s easy to reopen it again.

Here is a great tip for people who have a hard time hearing or get tickets for talking on their phone. Now you don’t have to hold the phone up to your ear anymore; just use the speaker to listen to your phone calls.

To enable that, so it will automatically switch to speaker every time you use the phone, go to Settings, General, and Accessibility, then scroll down to Call Audio Routing and click on Speaker. Then check Speaker and you’re all set (and thank me for saving you $193 on your next phone speaking ticket).

You now have only ten minutes to remove a bad Facebook message you didn’t mean to send. Just long-press the message, click on Remove and tap “Everyone’s Device” There, I saved you from sending your boss what you think of him!

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