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Try out the new Continuity Camera

By Staff | Nov 22, 2018

In my last article, I showed you how to use Air Drop to send a photo from your iPhone to your Mac. Well, get thisthe new Mojave for the Mac now allows you to open up a few Mac programs and then lets you send a LIVE picture from your iPhone to the Mac. It’s so easy that you can now burn my last article. It’s called Continuity Camera. So, this is how it works.

First of all, you must have the new Mojave operating system on your Mac. Second, you need to have the new iOS 12 on your iPhone. If you do, we’re ready to set up a few minor things to make this happen.

On your iPhone, make sure that your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on. While you’re in the Settings, click on the bubble with your pic in it and your name after it. If your picture in the bubble photo scares you, you can click on Edit and put a new one in it. But for right now, just be thankful it’s you!

Once you click on that Good Looking YOU, click on Password & Security and make sure that you have “two-factor Authenticatio” turned on. If not, DO IT.

Okay, now that we have everything set up, let’s have fun and try it out. Fire up your Mac, and on the bottom left click on Finder, Applications, Preview.app. Once opened, at the top left is a menu, so click on File, Import from iPhone, Take Photo. Your iPhone instantly opens up the camera and allow you to take a LIVE picture. So, go ahead and take a photo of your dog or cat. Click on Use Photo. Wow, did that just blown you away? Preview just brought up your photo. You can now save it if you want. Okay, so why did I make you go through all this just to save a photo from your iPhone to your Mac? Well, before you had to use Airdrop or somehow send the photo on your iPhone through an e-mail, open it up on the Mac and import it or save it, then drop it into an e-mail. That was a big hassle and, most of the time, confusing. This new way allows you to place a photo on to your Mac lickedy split.

But that’s not all you can do. You can scan a document, too. It’s really easy. Open up the Preview program again, click on File and then choose “import from iPhone.” You have the option to choose SCAN, so don’t be scared and click on it. Hey, since you’re feeling frisky, try to scan a page out of a magazine and see how that works.

Okay, after reading this article and not falling asleep, are you ready for the million dollar jackpot? You can open up a new e-mail and at the top right menu, choose the last icon that’s a square. Click on “Take a Photo.” Your camera opens up; just click and you now just placed a photo in your e-mail instead of going through the hassle of clicking on the paper click icon and trying to navigate and find a picture somewhere hidden on your hard drive.

Oh, you can also click on Scan and send your ex the signed divorce papers.

The Notes app is another good one to insert a photo or a scan. You can also use Markup on both to edit.

So, just think of the many ways of sending a fast photo or a scan using this new feature.

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