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New Mac OS Mojave has some really cool features

By Staff | Nov 15, 2018

Apple is bringing Live Listen: the ability for an iPhone to act as a microphone for hearing aids, to AirPods. It’s available for hearing aids with the Made for iPhone label, and this support will open up the technology to anyone with Apple’s own wireless earbuds.

It can be turned on and off in Control Center if you add the button. Lay your iPhone on a table and pop in your AirPods. Turn Live Listen on and hear the conversation clearer through the headphones.

The new Mac Mojave is out and has some really cool features I want to show you. You need to install it by going to the App Store icon on the bottom dock on your Mac and clicking on it.

On the right side is a scrolling menu that displays “Mac OS Mojave.” Just click on it; on the top left is the “DOWNLOAD” box. Click on it and follow the instructions.

Okay, once it’s downloaded, here are the newest tricks that you can choose from.

Let’s start out using DESKTOP STACKS. It works by taking all the junk loaded on your desktop and putting like photos into a specific folder or all the documents spread throughout your desktop into a document folder.

To do this, go down to the Finder icon on the bottom left of the dock, click on Finder and click on “Used Stacks.” Instantly, all those files are placed into a new folder.

Clicking on the new photo folder displays all the photos that were previously spread around the desktop. You can expand or collapse the folder. Using the keys Control, Command and the zero will start stacks.

The best feature of Mojave is the new Gallery View. Open up the Finder icon on the bottom left dock, and on the top bar are squares that will display and list files.

The fourth one over is the Gallery View, and it’s so cool. It displays all your photos like an ACS See program. The photo images are displayed across the bottom, and clicking one brings up a full screen of the photo. You can also edit the photo and use markup.

Another new feature is called Dynamic Desktops. By clicking on Settings, Desktop, Screen Saver and choosing Dynamics, it only gives you two images (probably will get more in the future).

What happens is the sand dune image changes depending on the time of the day. At night, it becomes dark with stars showing in the sky. In the morning, you get more shadows becoming less throughout the day.

Dark mode is another feature that gives you a dark background.

The middle of the dock will show you all the apps currently running. But the best part is being able to bring in an image from the iPhone or iPad to the Preview app by clicking on the file and choosing import from the iPhone or iPad.

Shift+Command+5 brings up a menu that enables you to capture a screen image. Once opened, it expands a menu allowing you to capture parts or full screen and even edit a video file This is really a good one to remember.

You now have a News app, Stocks app and a Voice Memo app.

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